Monday, September 22, 2014

Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon

This weekend was the Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon and it was amazing!  No, I didn't get a PR but I felt great about my time, how hard I pushed, and enjoyed my family and friends.

We headed down Friday morning to get to the race expo before we set up camp (that's right, we tented it) and our friends and family joined us. 
Saturday morning came early.  I felt like I didn't get any sleep but once the hubby and me arrived at the start line I felt ready and excited! It was a gorgeous morning, the weather was perfect and the course had some beautiful scenery.
During the run I felt great the entire time.  At mile marker 6 my time was at 54minutes which was looking like I may even get a PR on this hilly course.  Miles 9-12 were ALL hills it seemed like.  I had to walk up a few of them which slowed me down ALOT.  I tried to keep my pace fast while going down hills and the short distances where is was flatter.  They still slowed me down a lot.  I was able to meet the sweetest 11yr old girl who was running her 2nd Half Marathon.  We chatted during the run and even took pictures together after the race. 

My official time was 2:04:58 and I couldn't be happier with myself.  This course was a tough course (check out that 460ft hill climb), and the Finisher Medal is AHH-mazzzing.  I believe it is my best one yet!!  

After the Half Marathon all of use went out for breakfast, showered, and then headed to Cades Cove to look for wildlife and hike the Abrams Falls Trail.  This trail is 5 mile round trip and you make it up to a beautiful Waterfall. 
Now, to see if I can squeeze in Half Marathon #6 before the winter gets here!! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chasing dreams....

This morning I thought I'd be brave and run with the fastest girl I know around!  Shew, that was a tough one.  Not only is she speedy, the course had some hills which are my NIGHTMARE.  Honestly, I felt like every car or truck that drove by thought I was the chunky girl trying to keep up with the skinny one!  haha  That's awful to say but it was definitely on my mind as I was sucking air.  She was great though, she kept me motivated, slowed down for me, and I felt great afterwards.  For me, this is only another reason I need to get back in the gym, get back to lifting those weights to make myself stronger! 

Tonight I will be packing for our Gatlinburg weekend!!  Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Accountability is something I've been struggling with lately.  I know we all have things that get in the way of what we had planned that day rather it be to hit the gym, to run, to do laundry, or just to have a chill day.  I've been having those days for the past few months.  Repeatedly I tell myself each week and write down my goals and schedule for the week that I'm going to stick with this, this week is going to be FABULOUS, somehow it always doesn't end up happening.  The key is, I'm still pushing along, I HAVE NOT GAVE UP!! 

Saturday is the Great Smoky Half Marathon and I'm super excited about it.  Even though my training hasn't been on point, and I realize I won't have a PR on this course, I love the Gatlinburg.  So here are our plans:

  • Race Expo Friday afternoon
  • Set up our camp site, and enjoy an evening with some family and friends who are going (no one else is running though, bummer). 
  • Saturday morning I will wake up bright and early and head to the start line.  Race Time is at 7:30.  
  • I'm planning on lining up with the 1:55 pace group.  Which will be a miracle if I hit since my PR is 1:58:35 and the course is pretty much a gradual incline the entire 13.1 miles.
  • Once I cross the finish line (my family and friends better be there, fair warning) we will head back, shower and get ready for a hiking trip.
  • Saturday evening we will cookout and enjoy another evening with everyone and then back home on Sunday!
I will definitely make it a point to take plenty of pictures to share with all for you (actually just a few of you followers I have left, I need more, but that can wait for another post).  I'm praying for beautiful weather, great time with family and friends, and a smile on my face when I cross that finish line and that medal goes around my neck! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ok, I know I've said this before but really, I'm going to get back to blogging.  It holds me accountable, makes me more determined, and following all of you added extra motivation for me!!

So what have I been up to??  I'm running the Triple Crown of Running which is a series of 3 races, a 5K, a 10K, and a 10Miler.  I've completed the first 2 and the 10Miler is the 22nd of this month.  I'm trying to prepare and up my distance.  My longest run this year has been the 10K which I finished in 57:30.

I'm also registered for the Kentucky Derby mini Marathon in April.  I'm especially looking forward to this race, Katie will be at the finish line passing out the finishing medals!!  I can't wait for her to be able to put one of those bad boys around my neck!!  Super Stoked about it actually.....

I also went out on the limb and registered for the Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon in September.  It's close to my BIRTHDAY and gives me a excuse to be in the Smoky Mountains and run off a few drinks that I'm definitely planning on having for the occasion.  This run is part of the Vacation Races which is on my bucket list!!  Have you all checked these out??  OMG, what I would give to be able to complete all of these and enjoy all of these beautiful places.  I may have to hit the Lotto before it can happen, but I'm hoping it happens!!!

Let me know what everyone has been up to.  I will be in touch!  Any races?  Any competitions scheduled?  What's everyone doing??