Saturday, February 5, 2011

20 more days.....

This morning, I got up and took my Zija.....  I ate 2 hard boiled eggs and two slices of Whole Wheat bread.  I felt great so I headed out to the gym!

I done the strength training and (only) 1.0 miles on the elliptical.  My legs were worn out from the strength training I didn't want to push it to far.  I want to make it back in there tomorrow!

I have 20 days left till my Anthem 5K.  I'm looking forward to it, my friend said she is going to run with me.  That always makes it easier, with someone by your side!

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  1. I agree it will be much better running a 5k with a friend by your side :) I hate the elliptical machine soo much, 1 mile on it is enough for me. haha

  2. So happy that you found my blog, and then pointed me in the direction of yours! Looking forward to following your fat to fit journey. :)

  3. Hey there, I'm a new follower :) Great job on your workouts!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck with the upcoming 5K :-)

  5. Great job on staying motivated and good luck in your upcoming race! What is this Zija all about?


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