Sunday, February 20, 2011

A good weekend!!!

Last night Tom and I headed out to dinner and to a bar for some good food and drinks.  There ended up being about 22 of us!!!  It was a great time.  We went to this restaurant out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s called Missy's "out of the way cafe".  They are located in Raywick, KY.  I did some looking and Raywick, with the 2000 census, had a population of 144 people!!  Yes, only 144 people and this place was packed!!  We called ahead and still waited for about 45mins for our table. It was delicious and the portions were HUGE!!  I ended up sharing a meal with Janet and we both were full!!  We each had a salad, a Juicy steak, and SOBs, which is sliced potatoes with melted cheese, a great sauce, and sour cream.  If any of you are ever in KY any where close to this place, you have to try it out.  It was a great atmosphere, and had FUNKY decor!! I only snapped one picture the entire night.  It was after dinner while we were still at the restaurant. 

After dinner we about half of us headed to a hole in the wall bar called “poor boys”, in Lebanon, KY. They had a live band which was pretty good, especially for where we were at.  We danced and enjoyed watching the crowd all night!!  I love people watching…..
So, I drank a few to many Bud Lights last night.  I didn’t make it to the gym today, I was lazy all day.  I will definitely be there tomorrow!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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