Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress feels great

Progress feels great.......I went to the gym this morning.  I jumped back on the elliptical, did even better on my time.  I finished 3.2miles in 27:38.  I tried to take a pic but with my phone and me moving, it's pretty bad
So I slowed down and ended with 4.0 miles, 35:22minutes, and 451 calories burned!!  Whoot, Whoot!!!  After that I did the hip adductor, hip abductor, and then a machine that works your glutes, it's called the Butt Blaster!!  I do those 3x each, with the hip machine both of them I do 80lbs-20reps, and the butt blaster I did 7lbs-15reps.  I feel good about what I did today.....counting down to my first race of the year. 

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