Thursday, February 3, 2011

You are perfect : )

 Today I was looking for new songs to download from iTunes that I can workout to.  I downloaded some but I LOVE, LOVE the lyrics of Pink's F**kin Perfect song.  I know it's not the normal, up beat tempo song to get me pumped while running, but while I was working out it made me think, what would "perfect" be to me anyways??  When would I be happy with the way my body looks, to be honest I don't know.  The very first goal I set, I said "if I could get to 140lbs I would be sooo happy".  140lbs came, and I still wasn't satisfied.  Next goal, "if I could get to 135lbs, I would be sooo happy".  135lbs came, still wasn't satisfied. We are all perfect in our own ways and we don't have to be just like the models, and celebrities that we see.....(this is the clean version)

I didn't have a hard workout today, I done 2miles on the ellipitical, 18:16 and burned 229 calories.  I'm actually feeling alot better today, and better then I did this morning.  Hope everyone had a great day!!!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  


  1. THIF: Had my Zija this morning and feeling great. Over 90 nutrients and 40 anti-inflammatories (100% natural and 100% absorbable). Looking forward to the weekend!!!

  2. I feel perfect when I can run 4 or 5 miles & then crave healthy, delicious food and indulge in a fabulous cocktail and a chocolaty dessert. :) Skinny jeans & a cute top don't hurt either. :)


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