Friday, March 4, 2011

Are YOUR abs ready for that bikini......

Are YOUR abs ready for that bikini……I know I need to work on mine!!  I’m heading to Orlando in 3 weeks, yep just 3 weeks so I thought I would do some research on what people think the best workout is to get your abs toned!!  I came across this site Time to get your abs ready for Summer
Seems like the workouts would do you good….If I could just be committed to doing them 5 days a week.  I do crunches with my strength training but would like to see more results!!  Don’t we always

and I want to know, why do they always have these beautiful, no flaw, no kids, skinny women  next to the ads about getting me in shape!!??!!  HELLO!!!  That’s just going to make me more depressed.  Show me a “before” picture of the workout, not a beauty.  Let’s face it, if I looked like that, if I had a stomach like that, I wouldn’t be searching for the best ab workouts. 

Enough about the abs....shew.  It's Finally FRIDAY!!! 
I’m looking forward to the weekend.  I have to get some runs in and get ready for the race next weekend……I still haven’t ran further than 4 miles, in, see…..I don’t even know.  I will get there though.  I’m determined!! Go to fullsize image


  1. I'm still waiting to see my abs! I need to lower my overall bodyfat in order to get there :(

  2. Working your abs is so easy, but seeing definition is SO hard! Grrr!


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