Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back home!!

We are home!  We had a WONDERFUL time.  The weather was just awesome, the resort we knew was fabulous (it’s a time share that we own), and the company was great!!  We could not have asked for a better time.  We took tons of pictures so I’m going to post those soon. 
I got a workout in everyday I was there!!  YEAH!  I felt really good about it and didn’t stress as much when I was drinking a margarita and stuffing my face!!  Haha….
Saturday morning I worked out on the elliptical at the Mussels Gym (how cute) there on the resort.  I stopped at 3.17miles.  Sunday morning I ran to River Island in the resort and then back to our Villa and stopped at 3.13.  We shopped Sunday evening and my brother picked him up some running shoes just so he could go with me and Monday morning we ran/walked 3.27 miles.  So all in all it wasn’t a bad trip since I continued to exercise.  I did not do any lunges, or jumps, or even weights while I was there.  I just stuck with the cardio.

Here we are at the Lexington Airport about to fly to Orlando! 

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