Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before and After/Progress Pictures.....

Hey everyone!!!  I FINALLY finished painting the laundry room!!  As soon as I started I remembered how much I dislike hate painting!!!  Not to mention all the “things” I found behind the washer and dryer!  Scary!!!
Well today I’ve been looking online and I have seen tons of before/after of weight loss, workout, and running pictures of people!  I love seeing these and the accomplishments and the dedication that people have.  It helps me to keep going. 
What I’d like to do is see how many people have before/after picture they would like to share…..Just post a comment and then email me your pictures.   I will post your pictures and a link to your blog for everyone to check out!!!  If you don’t have pictures but want to share your PR of races, or how far you’ve come with your workouts…send that to me to!! 


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