Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is today my lucky day??

Before I get to talking about workout’s, weight loss (I wish), and all that good blogger stuff….the strangest thing happened today!  First I was reading a book today and it was talking about coincidences.  Well…..I went to pay the tags on the farm truck today and the county clerk said, you go to go to the PVA (Property Value Assessment) I think that’s right.  Anyways, said I had to go down the hall to them because the county we live in was not correct and they had to change it to asses a value on the truck.  So I strolled down the hall and handed the lady the form and said I was told to come see you.  Well, she said look at this….this is soo wild.  This is a one in a billion chance this would happen.  She had printed, in front of her a picture of our house…..she was working on the value since we added on.  But how crazy is that!!  That I would walk in that exact moment she was working on it.  I sent that form in months ago!!  Anyways, because of that I went and bought 2 lotto tickets!!  Please let this be our lucky day!!!  J

Ok, now to the reason why I blog in the first place besides having someone other than my poor family have to listen to me ramble.  This weather gives me the blues!!  It’s driving me crazy.  Every morning in FL, I woke up 6 – 6:30 and was anxious to get out and exercise.  Yesterday I had plans on hitting the gym, well Tom worked from home so I didn’t hit the gym in the morning.  Yesterday evening I got dressed, actually walked on the front porch, it was freezing and pouring down the rain.  What did I do, turned right back around and said “I’m not going out in this stuff”.  Today however, I did make it to the gym this afternoon.  Kayla’s friend from school asked if I would go to the gym with her.  She’s wanting to start working out and doing more cardio.  She said she’s getting ready for another pageant in June.  She looks great now, but you know how that goes!  So when she got out of school, her mom dropped her off at the gym.  I ended up doing 4 miles on the elliptical and it was great to have someone there to talk to.  She educated me on how these beauty and teen pageants work.  Sounds like a lot that goes into them that I never imagined. 

I feel better since I have worked out but SPRING, where are you????  I need you to get here!!!  I’m struggling without you!!!  Doesn’t that matter to you???


  1. I can't even get my booty out the door to work out with this weather! I also head back to work next week full time and it is depressing me! Great job on getting to the gym!

  2. Good luck with the tickets!!!! I so agree that weather is huge with motivation to get moving! As for the Monkey-Yep-Took a nibble on my hand- I almost peed in my bathing suit!!!! Maybe it had to do with the fact the they monkey handler was letting the monkey drink coke out of a glass! (I think he was on a sugar high)

  3. I love that then you went to buy lottery tickets - hope your luck holds! :)


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