Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday and I'm so glad.  One more day and then the weekend is here!  On a not so happy note, this next week starts my babies Spring Break.  I know, I should be excited but this Spring Break my babies are at their daddy's, BUMMER!!!  They will have a good time though.

I haven't got a workout or run in yet today.  I'm planning on hitting the gym @ 3.  Then have to take Alyssa to Swim Sign ups @ 5.  This will be the first time she has ever been on a swim team, but she's like a fish.  She loves the water!

Go to fullsize imageI'm giving a SHOUT OUT to Fabulously Skinny Paulina.  Not just because of her $25.00 give away (yes, a VISA card) but because every since I ran across her blog I look forward to her posts and know you all will to!  Check out her blog, she's doing awesome!

That's all I have for today!!  I will let you know how my workout this evening goes. 

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