Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a YUCKY Tuesday!!

It’s a Yucky Tuesday for more than one reason!!  It’s raining AGAIN today, and I got on the scale this morning up 3POUNDS!!  How the hell did that happen!  URGHH!!!  I always struggle with the scale but how can I work out, run, and somewhat watch what I eat and gain weight!?!?!?!  But that helped motivate me this morning.
I dropped the girls off at school and headed to the gym.  I did my strength training that I normally do and was happily able to do it all even the calf raises and it didn’t bother me much!  Then I hopped on the elliptical and did 3 miles on it.  I was dripping sweat when I got off and done with everything!! 
Gotta make it short today.  Have a work appointment I have to head to!!  $$$$ J

How’s the weather where you are today??  What do you do to get those pounds off??


  1. Hmmphff. Stupid scale. I feel the same way... every time I get on it, it's gone up... although that may have something to do with the fact that I'm pregnant. Even when I ban the scale at home I still have to get weighed at the doc's office. Harrrummpppfff. Good job on a great workout!!

  2. Wow, what a great workout! I still cannot get up to 3 miles on ANYTHING! LOL

    You say you are "somewhat" watching what you eat? Girl, you gotta keep tabs on that. Nutrition is 80% of what our bodies look like. Food is very important. No matter how much working out you do, you will not get the results you want if you're not keeping your diet tight.
    This is what I'm learning from so many of the fitness models.

    I checked out that pinup link on your sidebar, how cool!!! I've got them bookmarked now, I may be needing them soon!

    Love your blog girly! You need to get yourself a "follow" button so we can follow you!


  3. Too funny I am having the same problem this week..I am up 3 lbs as well today!....Other then a glass of wine and some nachos last night(I don't think you can be that bloated)! What to do! I have already ran over 15 miles this week!! Of course it is right before vacation.....Where are you headed for vacation?


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