Monday, March 7, 2011

Motivational Monday

"I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don't."
-- Devin McDonald Vinson, 37, Portland, OR
This quote is soo true!!!  I mean, when I hit the gym, I never regret getting that workout in but ohhh, when I don’t.  It drives me crazy!!  So I haven’t posted since Friday so I have a few things to update everyone on. 
Let me tell you about Saturday morning.  URGHH!!!  Well I woke up; my calf felt the best it had felt in days, well since the race.  So I thought I would go to hit the gym, start off slow and get me a LEAST a 3 mile run in.  Well I got on the treadmill and I couldn’t do it.  I never knew disappointment would feel so bad. As soon as I started walking on it my calf tightened right up.  I walked .68 miles….then I had to get off.  I didn’t want to injury it even worse. 
After the gym off to the stockyard we headed.  We bought 7 Angus heifers.  Here’s a picture of our new babies!!!  Ok, they aren’t babies; they averaged to be 518 pounds.  The dairy cows in the pic, we already had. 
Sunday I headed to the grocery in town, and to Tractor Supply to pick up a few things.  On the way I was talking to my dad on the phone and he told me to pick up Horse Liniment and apply to my muscle and it would help it a lot.  At this point, I was up to trying anything!!

I went to the gym yesterday evening.  Took it easy, did 1 mile on the treadmill, walking.  Today I went back, calf feeling better and walked 3 miles.  I really think this stuff is working.  I’m continuing to put it on and am going to try to make it back to the gym tonight and do a little more walking.  This race is Saturday and I’m determined to do it if I have to walk the 6.2 miles.  This is part of the Triple Crown and I badly want to finish it. 
I added this to my Playlist when I work out…..I just think about my body being transformed and hope that this hard work pays off!!



  1. Do you buy cattle for eating? Just curious!

  2. Horse liniment eh? Never heard of it! Glad it is giving you some relief though!! You will do great on Saturday, don't worry! When I was training for a 15.5K race I had a calf injury as well and the Sports Medicine Physician I consulted advised me to KEEP RUNNING. So I did, and ran through the pain. Just knowing I wasn't doing something I shouldn't have made me feel better about running while hurting. Hope it helps you!! And P.S. I LOVE the quote at the top of this post, SO true!!


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