Sunday, March 13, 2011

The results are in.....

Saturday morning I was up at 5:45am and ready to go run.  I stayed the night with dad Friday night.  Here I am before leaving his house. 

This is a picture of stacks next to the Hwy on the way into downtown Louisville.  Go C-A-R-D-S!!!

When I got off of Broadway, there it was, the starting line!!!

So the results are in!!  My official time for the Rodes City 10K Run was 59:16.  I’m really happy with myself even though it took a lot of convincing while running, I could make it!!  

After the run I went and visited with my mom and showered.  Then it was off to meet my BF Sarah and her two kiddos for lunch at Tumbleweed.  When we celebrated Christmas her and her family drove down to our place and she forgot my gifts!!  Sooo, we just got around to getting together so I can open it.  She got me a really cute shirt and some earrings!!  Love it!!  Thanks girl!!!

Here’s her and her son.

Here is her daughter.

After lunch we went to Target to look around and shop.  I didn’t get anything!!  I couldn’t believe I didn’t find something I wanted. 

Then it was time to head home but before my 2 hour drive I went through Steak and Shakes drive thru and got a Banana Shake for the road.  YUMMY!!!!

Did everyone have a great weekend?  Today has been so pretty here we have been working on the farm all day.  Is everyone ready to get outdoors??


  1. Way to go, Christie!! You did awesome!

    That shirt and those earrings are super cute- you should take a pic with them! :) I know I said it before, but you are SO gorgeous, hun!

  2. Great job! How can you possibly go to Target and not buy anything?!?! I always come out with something I don't really need from there! :-)

  3. Great job on your race! You are right, a lot of running is a mental game! Way to push yourself.


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