Wednesday, March 23, 2011

some more pictures

Well it's Wednesday and I didn't workout again today.  I don't know what it is but since I got home Monday night I haven't felt like hitting the gym.  Part of it is because I tread running on the treadmill.  The elliptical I can swing but dang the treadmill.  My plans are to get out tomorrow and run so I will let you know how that goes!  I have the 10miler this Saturday coming up so I need to get me a long run in before then.

When going to FL we had to get a rental car.  It was $40.00 more for the weekend if we did a convertible, so we said what the heck.....let's do it!  We really enjoyed it because the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Here's me and Tom outside the condo next to the convertible:

Saturday we went down to one of the pools on the resort.  We got some sun, had a few drinks, and Tom and my brother entered a corn hole least thats what we call it here in KY.  We found out in OH, they call it corn hole also.  In FL they call it bean bag toss.  In MI they call it something like Buck toss or something like that.  Here's a picture of Tom and my brother, yep, the corn hole Champs!!  They each one a free beer!! 

Before we headed back to the condo to get cleaned up for dinner we posed for this pic:


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  1. That's so fun that you got a convertible! It looks like it was a pretty one too! :)

    Christie, you look so fab. I can tell you are toned!


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