Monday, April 4, 2011

Back in Louisviile

I'm back in Louisville today. Tom had to work in the Louisville office today so I decided to come up with him.

Last month I ran 49 miles!!  That's awesome for me. Its the most I've ever done. So I'm going ahead and typing my goal so you can hold me accountable for April. My goal is 60 miles!!  I didn't get any in Friday or Saturday.

Saturday was a exhausting day. We got up and milked for Toms son. Tom took a picture. Well then we came back home and one of our calf's died and another was about to. So we had to load them up. Well then we walked in the barn and no joke, it looked like an episode of CSI in there. One of the cow cut its head. I mean blood was splattered everywhere. There was so much I thought it was going to bleed to death. Thankfully it didn't. We had to doctor it. Then our friends Sarah and Steve came down to watch the UK vs UCONN game. Cats lost, sniff.

Yesterday was a wonderful, easy day. We slept in till 7. Got up and it was 65 outside so we picked up branches around the farm and burned them.  Then we tackled the garage. Omg, just put it back where it goes!!  Well then it was time for AAU practice. Will Tom was coaching I ran 6 miles. It was good but on the way out the wind was blowing so hard. It was like running pulling a weight. I got it done though!!!

Talk to you all soon!!! 

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