Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where does the time go??

Wow, where does the time go??  Last week flew by so fast. I ended up heading out of town with my mom, lil brother, and nephew for a spring break get away.  We left out Tuesday night and after I tell you what all we did, you will understand why I didn't have the time to squeeze in my blogging.  Tuesday night we headed out and drove until midnight.  Got up Wednesday morning and drove the additional 3-4 hours to Washington DC.  We spent the whole day in DC and then headed up to Phillie.  We ended up staying just about 40 minutes out of Phillie.  We got up Thursday morning, went to see the Liberty Bell, toured the Eastern State Pen and then headed to Atlantic City!!  Good thing we had the kids cause I could of dropped some bucks there!!  This is the first time ever to Atlantic City for me.  It was a huge block of outlet stores, boardwalk, and about 10-11 casinos!!  Looked like it could of been a all night trip!!  Then Friday we got up and headed back home to KY.  We ended up staying in Charleston WV Friday night and finished the drive Saturday and made it back just in time for a birthday party!!  I made it home with the kiddos and Tom Saturday night after 9.  SHEWW!!  I have lots of pictures but haven't had a chance to put them in the computer yet.  I'm getting caught back up on work on the job and around the house and farm. 

I haven't abandoned working out though!!  I have been getting in a lot of cardio, not much weights though.  I set a goal for 60 miles to run for April, I now have 39 left which isn't bad considering the traveling I've been doing! 

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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