Monday, May 2, 2011

Gotta get back!!!

Its been forever since I have posted. Thank you to everyone who wrote checking up on me. Made me feel special!! SMILE!!!!  I've been extremely busy with kids, swim practice, AAU basketball, graduation shopping, etc that I just have not made the time. I gotta get back to posting. It makes me accountable and actually pushing me to keep going.

So for my April goal, well....I didn't hit it. I was wanting to run 60 miles but ended up at 38. So I'm going to try again this much. I knew when I set that goal it would be a stretch but I wanted to try.

How did your goal/goals end up in April??? 

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  1. I've been HORRIBLE at leaving comments on blogs recently. (Life is so crazy right now!) However, I DID notice you hadn't posted in a while. Glad that everything is going okay! :) You know I always love checking in on you, even if I do it silently! *wink*

    Didn't meet my goal for April, but that just motivates me for May. So....what's your goal gonna be for May?


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