Thursday, May 19, 2011

Somebody please SLAP me!!

Please somebody SLAP me!!! I have been slacking for WAYYYY to long.  Seriously!  I need some motivation here.  Not having a partner to workout/run with is killing me.  I got to find the strength within to do this on my own!! 

Please how do you all do it, and KEEP doing it?????  One month I will do awesome, the next month I slack. 

I Love reading other peoples blogs to and the stuff they go through but I seem to make excuses why I'm not doing it.  So again, please somebody SLAP me!!!  :) 

Ok, once again, I'm getting back on track!  I've signed up for a 5K this weekend in Louisville.  Its the Run for Joe's 5K race.  Its to help benefit St. Joseph's Children's Home.  It's Saturday at 8:30 so I will be sure to post and let you all know the results!!  If I can just finish in 30 minutes, maybe even under 32 minutes since I haven't ran any this month I will be happy! 

I'm back my blogging buddies!!!  You all keep pulling me back in!  :)

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