Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hanging in there.....

I'm actually doing better than hanging in there.  I'm still so excited about the upcoming 1/2 marathon.  It will be my first ever!  :)  I'm staying on track with the training schedule.  Yesterday I finished the 3mile run.  Afterwards I walked 1 mile.  It felt really good.  Today is a "rest" day so I won't be doing any running today. 

They came out with the dates for the Louisville Triple Crown of Running:
Anthem 5K - 03/03/2012
Rhodes City 10K - 03/17/2012
Papa Johns 10miler - 03/31/2012

Once the registration opens up on these I'm going to register.  I love doing these runs, it's lots of fun and since they are all in Louisville where I grew up I usually have someone there that I know! 

Everything else is going great!!  Hope everyone is having a great week. 

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