Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How many calories do you burn cleaning the house?

Yesterday was my "rest" day and I enjoyed it.  I really missed doing some type of run but that's probably just because one wasn't scheduled cause today is a different story.  I'm scheduled for a 4 mile run today and I'm just putting it off.  I will do it today, just not right now.  :)

 Even though I spent alot of the day cleaning the living room from top to bottom.  I cleaned the windows, blinds, baseboards, mopped, dusted, moved furniture.  Done it all.  It took me about two hours or more.  It looks much better though.  I looked online at the calories I possibly burned while cleaning.  It showed 140 calories an hour!  That's 280 calories just cleaning the house.  I can deal with that, it's something I had to do anyway. 

Here are some new songs I added to my ipod.  I listen to all kinds of music so you will see country, pop, and R&B.  I like it all!

  • Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce'
  • Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
  • Dirt Road Anthem - Jason Aldean
  • Motivation - Kelly Rowland
  • Am I The Only One - Dierks Bentley

and a little ole' school.....

  • Real Love - Mary J. Blige

Here's a picture of me and Tom at the Jason Aldean concert in Louisville two weekend's ago:

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