Monday, August 29, 2011

One week of training done....9 more to go

Ok, so I have started training for the Half Marathon I'm going to be running October 30th.  It will be my first one and I'm super excited.  I have been slacking running, posting, and exercising this summer so I am a little sore from the runs I did last week. 

Here's what I finished with last week:
Wed - 3.0 mile Run
Friday - 3.0 mile Run 1.0 mile Walk
Sunday - 4.0 mile Run 0.50 mile Walk

This week my schedule is:
Mon - 3.0 mile run
Tue - rest
Wed - 4.0 mile run
Thur - 3.0 mile run
Fri - rest
Sat - 5.0 mile run
Sun - rest

I hope the days will work for me, I may have to switch up a few of them.  Not sure yet.  I think I can make do. 

I have 62 days till my FIRST EVER 1/2 Marathon!!

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