Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the winner is.........

And the Winner is........

Lisa from Chasin' Bunnies. Lisa email me at christiebodner at gmail dot com with your address and I will get your book mailed to you!

I had every intention to post yesterday but the day just flew by. I didn't want to do my “normal” morning post because I wanted to wait until I completed my 5 mile run that was on the schedule for yesterday. That was going to be in the afternoon, well, because I had some shopping to do. My 20% of at Kohl's was going to expire and I could not let that happen! So I spent the morning shopping and killing time all by myself. I enjoyed it though. I must of remembered that Friday is my birthday because I spent WAY to much money! I was in the shopping mood. I was able to get a new pair of skinny jeans.........wait for it.........a size smaller! Even more reason for me to buy them!! :)

So that afternoon after I got home Tom took me and dropped me off at the edge of town for me to do my 5 mile run back to the house. Let me set the scene for you.....he pulled over:

him: ok, get out and good luck
me: but wait a second, I want to talk just for a minute before I do this
him: no, your just putting it off
me: but no, wait I got to get my phone set up to iMapmyRun
him: I already know you got that set up, watched ya
me: ok, kick me out already!!

So, as you can see I was kind of dreading this run. I do much better when I exercise in the morning and get it out of the way so it doesn't mess my day up. (so why haven't I done my run this morning, hmmm) So I jump out of the truck and off I went. I was wanting to get it over with like ASAP. I wanted to be home, had to do dinner, had to do laundry, had to do dishes (yes, unfortunately I am the dishwasher around this place. This old farm house kitchen was made so no one could fit in there with you including a dish washer), and make sure the kids were showered and have their school clothes set out for the next day.

iMapmyRun talks to me every mile, she's great, she's like my own fan club that cheers me on every mile!! I love her, really, I do. It gives me something to look forward to, her voice, letting me know that I am getting somewhere. The 1st mile she tells me my pace is 8:17, WTF??? Is that even possible? Really, I didn't know I could move that fast? Not me?!?! The 2nd mile pace she told me my average was 8:32. Oh, I really do love you iMapmyRun but I knew I had to slow down or I would not be able to keep this running up. The 3rd mile she talks to me and says 8:49 pace. I was struggling so bad. My legs for the first time in a long time were not wanting to go, usually its my breathing that stops me. I did it, I had to walk for a little bit. I only walked about a 10th of a mile, so not far at all and I started running again. The 4th mile she told me my average pace was 9:21. I knew I wanted to get below 9:30 mile and I would be happy..........

The end of my 5 mile run, 47:12, pace 9:26.....YIPEE. That is even with me walking a little bit. I was excited but tired. I soaked in a cold bath and then just enjoyed the rest of the night. Dinner – cereal, Laundry – still there, Dishes – still waiting on me, and the kids showers – check!
Me after my run!

I now know that I should never go out that speedy again. That's to fast for me, I'm going to try and do another sub 9:30 with my 3 mile run scheduled for today!


  1. Great Job! And I agree that 20% off at Kohl's is a great excuse to postpone a run!

  2. You know what'll get A LOT out of that run going that fast! Even if you felt like you were dying! That' awesome and a great pace!

  3. Great job on your run!! I love the support and motivation from your husband! Lol! I was looking at your races that you ran and we both ran the Papa John 10 miler. It is one of my favorite races!!


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