Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doesn't it feel good??

Get your minds out of the gutter!!  : )  Doesn't it feel good when you have a 4 mile run scheduled, you struggle through it but still finish with a time your ok with?!?!?!  That's what happened to me yesterday.  I went to the gym to run the 4 miles that was on my training schedule (yes, the 1/2 marathon training schedule). WHOA!!  I hopped up on the elliptical and the man next to me, who I haven't seen in the gym for a while (just because we are on different schedules) started talking to me.  I was at a mile in when I started wondering if I could even finish the 4 miles without walking some.  So as normal, I start talking to myself.  Yes I do that, all the time actually to get through running or lifting weights, anything actually.  Anyways, I tell myself, do you want to run in this 1/2 marathon or do you want to let that money you put on your Credit Card go to waste!?!?!  Oh hell naw, I can't do that.  Why didn't that damn thing get declined when I registered for this race!  Surprisingly I finished my 4 miles at 38:19 which I'm happy with, I can take that number.  Especially since I wasn't "feeling" it AT ALL!!  After the 4 miles I slowed down and walked a mile at a slow pace just to cool down.  After it was over I was back to being excited about running my very first 1/2 marathon again!  WHOOAA!!!  Am I bi-polar?? 

On today's schedule is a 3mile run.  I'm debating on doing this run in town when Tom's having basketball practice or if I should just hit the treadmill again.  I'm leaning towards the first one, running in town. 

Look at this lovely picture (CAUTION-if you are eating you may not want to scroll down any further)

I knew that my nail on my left big toe had got ripped half way off.  I had toenail polish on it and could not see.  Last night I decided to take the polish off and see what I was working with.  There you go.  Not the best picture but on the left side of the toe the nail is completly off and goes side ways from there.  You can see the bruise line and thats where the nail is not attached.  It's actually not hurting to bad but why does this happen?  Yesterday it seemed like my left foot was slamming into the top of my shoe.  The right foot done as it should have.  Do any of you all have this problem??  Is it my shoes?  Is it because I need to keep my toes trimmed all the way down?  HELP ME!!!  I can't let anything get me off track here, I have to run this race next month (yes next month, today is Sept) and I want to feel good about it when I do!!!  Any suggestions???

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