Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fixin

This Fridays Fixin' was delicious for the entire family.  I made this earlier this week and it was a total hit! 

The recipe is from and you can find it here.

The ingredients used for this yummy dish

The chicken sauteed

The finished dish-delicious!!!

Ok, so my picture is not as good as found with the recipe.  I did do a few things different, seems like I always do.  One major thing was the pasta.  I had Barilla Plus bow tie pasta in the pantry so I used that.  I also left out the mushrooms, still can't find a taste for them.  With the dish I baked the Garlic Parmesan Italian Loaf seen in the picture and it went great with this dish.  Over all, I would suggest any one to make this dish.  It was very delicious and very filling. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday Fixin day!! (uhhh, that was the nerd coming out in me!  Sorry!!)

Anyone have a delicious recipe they want to pass along for us to try?

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  1. That looks yummy! I came over from Living the Dream! Good luck with your first Half. You are going to rock it!


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