Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fixin's

Friday Fixin's

Yep, in Kentucky we can say Fixin's! Here's the Urban Dictionary's definition.

I'm going to try new recipe's, possibly old recipe's, recipe's that people suggest at least once a week and post about them.

The first Friday Fixin is a recipe that I got from Shine.

It's Late Summer Stew. With the weather in the high 60's, low 40's right now I thought stew would be a yummy treat for dinner. I am unfortunatly without anyone to try this Summer Stew tonight so I will post pictures of the finished product and a review tomorrow.

Hope every had a fabulous Friday!  I am scheduled for an 8 mile run in the morning!! Wish me luck.

Any one have any great “kid” friendly recipes you would suggest?

Till next time,


  1. That food looks delicious and beautiful! I love the word fixin....will I sound funny using it in DC? Haha!

    I'm a new fan of your blog. I can't believe you are a mom of 2 and 32! You look no older than 25! I guess this is why age ain't nothing but a number.

    Get Up & Go

  2. this stew looks amazing. I've been looking for something homey like this to try and tackle. I don't know about "kid" friendly recipes. I do have a son, but he eats everything (except veggies - I have to hide them) so I do have things that he eats but sometimes we do fun recipes that him and I can do together. like homemade pigs in a blanket, simple no bake cookies and things like that :)

    Thanks for visiting RwS and I'll have to go into your archives as I see no fat on you girl!!! you look amazing!


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