Friday, September 2, 2011

LONG weekend, ahhhhhh.............

Is anyone else as excited as I am that this weekend is a LONG weekend!?!?!  I'm so glad, the kids are off school, Tom can stay home and not have to travel, and I can relax and not worry if my business phone is ringing!!  We don't have anything on the agenda for this weekend.  We will be working on a new plank black fence we are putting up.  I will have to post some pictures.  Then the ONLY other thing planned is my 5 mile run that is on the schedule for tomorrow.

Last night I had 3 miles scheduled, I posted yesterday I was either going to run in town or hit the gym's treadmill.  WELL......I decided on this:

It's beautiful, right!  This is a trail that we have here on the farm that the kids ride the 4-wheeler or the Bronco through. I thought I would do this where it has shade and should be cooler then the hot sun.  Me and Alyssa first rode through on the Mule to see how far it was from the house, down the drive, and through this path so I can see what it's going to take for me to get the 3 miles down without constantly looking at my iMapMyRun.  It ended up being 1.09 miles around one time, so I knew I had to go around 3 times.  Boy did I under estimate the difference it is to run on gravel, dirt path, the side of a soy bean field, around the pond, and back up to the house was.  I have only ran on the treadmill or pavement.  I struggled, and when I say struggled, I mean S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E-D!!  I think I sweat out a bottle of water, my face was beet RED and not to mention, I ended up walking a tenth of a mile.  I know, really disappointed myself but I felt like I had to.  I ended at 3.02, and didn't even do a cool down.  I ran up and Alyssa was so sweet to bring me out a ice cold water.  Another first for me last night was I decided to get into a cold bath.  I ran just cold water, put some bubbles in there (why, I don't know), kept my panties and shirt on, wrapped up in a towel and soaked my legs.  Surprisingly, it felt really good.  After soaking for around 15-20 minutes I got out and my face, yep, was still beet RED.  I then decided to hop into the shower.

Guys, I want so bad to be a runner.  So many of you I admire, I want to accomplish those same things but when I have a run like I did last night I start questioning my ability to be able to do this.  I'm not giving up, I'm going to keep on pushing myself!  It's so hard though!!!!



  1. It's so hard, but you can totally do it! I was never much of a runner, but decided that I needed something to keep me committed to working out, so races it was! Running a half next week!

  2. 1) that looks like a beautiful route to run on! enjoy!

    2) i like running trails instead of on the road and it's always more of a struggle. maybe take it back a notch, slow down, and just try to enjoy it?

    3) same advice that i gave my friend for a first bike - get fit at a bike store to see what size you are, then try craigslist. everyone i know who bought a beginner bike and loved it (myself included), decided to upgrade in a year or so. Save your $$ for the better bike later on if you can. that's my advice, for what it's worth.


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