Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Training Tips Tuesday!

Today is Training Tips Tuesday!

Well......I don't have any training tips for you today! I know, what kind of blogger am I?? I have posted some tips the last couple of weeks but I have not done any of them!! Honestly, I haven't. I shouldn't be giving tips if I can't even include them in my workout. I'm not saying I never will, because I definitely want to give some of them a try. I'm just nervous about this half marathon coming up, I don't want to screw anything up that will throw me off the training schedule.

I'm on week 6 of the training and so far (crossing my fingers) all has been good. I've never ran this much before and have never followed a training schedule like this. It is going to be for a good cause and all worth while when I cross that finish line though! So until I cross that finish line and can scale back a little on my miles, or even try to do those miles but pick up cross training, I feel I have to stop with the training tips.

On yesterday's schedule was a 4 mile run. I love to get these runs in during the day or first thing in the morning once the kiddo's are off to school. Yesterday that didn't happen. I had to take a few tests for my business in order for me to continue to sell the Health and Life Insurance that I do. Well you pay $100.00 to take the test, which that's not to bad. I just hate the thought of having to pay to take a freakin' test. On top of it, you have to pass with a 90% or above!! Yeah, so if you don't pass you have to pay to take it again!! I struggle with that every year. It's just the thought that makes me more nervous, plus test taking in general I don't like. Thankfully though, after about 3 hours in front of the computer I passed with a 90%!!! :) Barely, but I passed! Back to what I was getting at, my run was put off until yesterday after dinner. I was kinda dreading it. I don't like running after a meal and I don't like running when it's getting close to dark. It gets dark so early now. After considering to push the run to today I decided to get it over with. It was 4 miles. I could take it easy and be home in 40 minutes. That's what I did. I ran 4 miles and finished in 38:50. I could feel a little tightness in my calves and my bottom and I'm assuming it was from the 10 miles I ran Saturday. Hopefully I will recover fine and be ready for my 5 miles on tomorrows schedule!!

Does anyone else hate tests like I do??

Any tips on working out the soreness/tightness?? It's not bad, but I can tell its there.


  1. Hurray for new followers! Have you tried foam rollers for tightness? It has helped me quite a bit.

    After my last tri I doused my entire body with Sore No More, it has a cooling / heating affect. It was a longer distance race so I was fully expecting to be sore but shockingly was not sore at all.

    Lastly, Pain's All Gone has worked wonders for my sore neck & shoulders from all my swimming. I actually have a giveaway going on now if you want to enter. The odds are exceptionally good since apparently have not advertised it well!

  2. I'm constantly in a state of soreness. Do you have a foam roller?? It'll be your new best friend if you don't have one! It'll loosen up everything.

    I only hate math tests. All the others are ok :)

  3. Have you tried Bikram Yoga for soreness and tightness? It is the most amazing workout and has totally changed my flexibility. I'm a much more well rounded athlete with Bikram Yoga.

    Get Up & Go

  4. I don't mind test, personally, but I have friends that just DREAD them.

    I suggest lots of stretching, yoga classes and foam rollers!


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