Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow, already Wednesday

It's already Wednesday!! Wow, this week has flown by. I have a few great things to write about today!

One thing is my 5 mile run this morning went great! My left knee was a little sore when I woke up this morning but probably only crossed my mind once or twice while running the 5 miles. Truth be known, it was probably more of me just being lazy this morning and when the alarm went off I wanted any excuse to not get out of bed. Week 4 of training half way done!! :) Lovely red faced pic of myself after my run.

Another thing is today I went and picked up some pictures I took of my brother from Wal-Mart. Well, the lady asked me if I had copy right on them....REALLY?? I mean do they look professional?? That put a big smile on my face. My camera is still kind of new to me and I'm trying to figure out all the tricks. Here are a few of his pictures......I'm proud of them.

The last thing is that I bought me a road bike. Yep, I did it......Last week when I was in Louisville I went and got sized for one and the cheapest bike they had was around $750.00. That was just to steep for me. I wasn't going to give that price when I'm not sure if cycling is for me, and not sure if it is something I will stick with. I bought one though because I think it will be a great way to cross train and I would like to try a triathlon sometime....Maybe, just maybe. Nobody hold me to that.....just me thinking out loud. I do that a lot. ;) I will post more about the bike I decided to go with and pictures soon.

Anyone have any tips on cross training or cycling? 

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