Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 mile fun run/walk recap

I've been waiting all day and night yesterday waiting to write this post. As I posted last week here, my baby wanted us to register for a 1 mile fun run/walk at her school that was today. I have to admit, after my 11 mile run yesterday, after my toe nail is black and blue, and after thinking about the energy and speed these 5th graders have I was kinda asking myself what have I gotten into. Didn't have any second thoughts or regrets but just questioning how it was all going to go.

The 5th graders started at 9:30. I got there a little early and helped cheer on the other classes and all those screaming cute little kiddos. As we are lining up Alyssa says to me again, “momma try and keep up with us”. Again, I'm like ahhhh hell. Do I have any speed in these spaghetti legs of mine!?

In her class she has two girls that run on the cross country team so our plans were to stay up with them. We started running and I actually felt really good and my baby looked like she could do this for hours. After running a little under (what seemed like) a ½ mile one of her cross country buddies started walking. I tried to encourage to keep on with us but she decided to take it easy and walk. Then we are about ¾ mile in and we were closing in closer on the last cross country girl in her class and the last girl that is ahead of us. My competitiveness, and my wanting Alyssa to do good to prove she can run got hold of me and I tell Alyssa “ok, now once we hit the track up here and do the lap to the finish we are going to try and pass your cross country friend”. To my surprise she says “ok momma”!! So pass her we did. We are almost to the last curve of the track and Alyssa's side is starting to bother her and she's wanting to stop. After a little convincing she finished her 1st - 1 mile fun run at 7:29 pace, she was 1st place for girls in her class and 4th overall (yep, there were 3 stinking sweet boys ahead of us).

Yesterday was the best experience I could of asked for with my daughter. After we finished the gym teacher came up and to my surprise she says she was trying to get Alyssa to sign up for cross country prior to the season starting and said she would love to have her next year! This has increased her confidence and she now wants to run and is really wanting to do cross country. Last night after talking it over she is now registered for the Fun Run on Oct 29th that the Big Hit ½ marathon is having for the kids the day before my run.

I only took 2 pictures at the fun run. I wasn't able to get any pictures of us together. My thought was to have a teacher take one of us but they all were so busy with kids running every where, keeping kids with their classes, and making kids get back to their rooms that I didn't want to bother any of them. I wish I would have now!

Alyssa and her best bud!!!

Alyssa and her some of her class mates in order that they finished

Anyone else run, ride, or do workouts with their kids?


  1. How awesome! I got my son to run with Husband and & for a 5K...twice. He's now a sophomore in college. Never able to convince my daughter to run (she's a senior in HS). It's great you got her running early. Hopefully she will like it!

  2. I did a fun run with Em once this summer! It was so awesome to see the joy all over her face! She kept saying, "Mommy I'm running in a big race!" It was awesome!

    Kudos to your daughter!!! She's a fast girl!!!! That must have been amazing to share that time with her!

  3. That's so great!! I love running with my kids! My daughter won a coupe age group events in 5K's that she did but once she started swim team she really didn't want to run anymore :(.

    That's a blazing fast mile!!

  4. Congrats to your daughter! That is awesome! I really would like to do one with my son (who is 4). I think it would be great!

  5. That's awesome. My dad and I mountain bike and ski together :)


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