Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Hit 1/2 Marathon Recap

So yesterday was it, yesterday was the day to see if the last 10 weeks of training had paid off for me.  It was the day to see if I could push myself through my 1st and very emotional 1/2 marathon. 

The Big Hit 1/2 Marathon was in downtown Louisville, KY....our finish line was running across the Louisville Slugger Field, home of the Louisville Bats! 

Home of the Louisville Bats

The start time of the race was moved to 7:45 and we arrived at 7:00 in fear of not finding a good parking spot.  It actually worked out wonderful.  We were able to park right across the street from the field so Tom would be able to go back to the car and wait out of the cold for me to come across the finish line.  We waited inside for it to get closer to start time and I seen the Pacer teams....I thought, this would be a great idea for me to try and stay with a group so I know I'm not falling behind what I thought would be my time of 2:10.  I felt like I would be happy if I could pull off the 10minute pace for the 13.1 miles.  If I could push harder, that would be even better.  So I followed the 2:10 pacer group out the door to the starting line. 
Me waiting around pacer group 2:10, you can see the little pole the guy on left is holding

Starting line for the Big Hit 1/2 Marathon

After a delay in the start time, I was on my way around 7:55am.  I felt really good, the cold air didn't bother my lungs, my legs felt rested and ready to go.  Just a little over the 1 mile marker, my left shoe came untied....I stopped for a quick tie and then I was off and running again.  Crazy me, didn't double tie my laces and again my left shoe came untied around the 2 mile mark.  I quickly got them both double knotted cause this stop and go wasn't working for me.  I was ahead of the 2:10 pacer group and was feeling great still when I seen my sister and Justin at the 4 mile marker, cheering me on!!  The next time I thought I would see them would be the finish line.....I had 9 more miles to go.  I kept pushing along, and actually still felt really good. 

I meet up with a guy around the 6 mile marker and he ended up being my running partner for the majority of the rest of the race.  There was a hill at the 7 mile marker (which was the same hill in the Papa John's 10miler that I walked up), I didn't walk this hill, and I didn't walk it after we looped around and had to run that same hill again.  I pushed through it and was super excited that I did.  My sister and Justin surprised me at the 7 mile mark, as I was running down hill, I heard my name being called!!  That put a huge smile on my face and kept me going.  We got Gel at the 7 mile marker and with great advice, the guy running with me said, you may only want to take half of that because it can sometimes make your stomach upset because they are so sweet.  So glad I did because around mile marker 10, I started belching that gel...YUCK!! 

By mile marker 11, my left knee was sore and I was ready to cross the FINISH line!!!  I knew I was so close to the time that I told myself I would be so proud if I could hit so I wouldn't let myself stop now! 

Finally I came around the Louisville Slugger Field and crossed the finish line!! 

My official time:
First Half: 0:58:09
Second Half: 0:59:17
Net Time: 1:57:25
Placed 15/81 in my Division/F 30-34

My photo finish, metal in hand, and fuel in the other!!  Huge smile, Huge accomplishment!!

 I had this sticker for  a few weeks now, I refused to put it on until I crossed the finish line!!

There is no question that I exceeded what I thought I was going to get out there and do.  I was hoping for at least a 10 minute mile but had the sub 2:00 in the back of my head going in this race.  It meant so much to me that Tom, Wendy (my sis), and Justin were there and cheered me on.  I also know that these angels were definitely there with me and helped push me through!!! 


  1. WOW! You crushed it! Awesome race - Congratulations!

  2. Oh my gosh!! What an incredible time!! I personally think a sub 2 hour half marathon is great! And your first one ever! Holy cow, superstar! That is great and I am really so happy for you!!!

  3. Nice race, speedy gal!! What a fantastic first half! You look (and are) so fit.

    Seeing the picture of the triplets brought tears to my eyes.

  4. That's a GREAT TIME!! Well done!! I've had my best races in Louisville, wonder if there's something in the air over there :) ??

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. You are seriously so amazing! What an awesome job! CONGRATULATIONS! I am just so happy for you right now, you don't even know!

    You ROCKED this and I'm so glad all the training (physical and emotional) all paid off.

    Great job, again...I am so proud of you! :)


  6. That is amazing!!!!! Congratulations!!! Sub 2:00 is something that I would only DREAM of! You rocked it out lady!!!!

  7. WOW! You totally KILLED your goal time! Seriously, what a huge accomplishment! You are awesome!

  8. I'm so excited for you! Sounds like an AMAZING race! What great fun!

    Get Up & Go

  9. Way to go! It was exciting to read about your race. It's great your family surprised you at mile 7!

  10. WHOA!!!! i'm so jealous/motivated by you!!!!!!!! lol

  11. That is just freaking awesome! 2:10 pace group what??? Who needs a 2:10 when you go sub-2. FABULOUS!! Congratulations. Not only a first, but a FAST first!! Woohoo!!

  12. Woohoo girl you rocked this!!!! Way to go!!!! You stayed really consistent too with your times! Be very proud of the hard work you put in to paid off!!

  13. Congrats on completing the race and, especially, in running it at a constant pace!

    Keep up the great work.

    Mike @TheIronYou


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