Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog etiquette and a few confessions

Ok, I'm sure there is probably a book out there about blogger etiquette....I'm not going to take the time to read it though, I'm just going to ask you great guys!

So here goes.....If you have been following an unnamed blogger for, well since you started blogging in Feb of this yr. You have made comments on her blog, many of them, and you never receive a reply, a thank you, and they don't follow your blog. Do you finally stop following this person?? Ohhh and to make it clearer, this is not someone who gets lots and lots of comments and there is no way they can get to them all. Is it crazy I'm even wondering this?? I'm here for motivation people, and hopefully and able to motivate or at least cheer people on at the same time!!

Ok, enough about that.....I have a couple of confessions

I'm one of the people that just started Pinterest. Ummm, loving it so far but not sure of everything yet. I LOVE the photography on there. I have always had an interest in photography and every time one of you guys post pics on your blog I love em. I                               love looking at pictures and love seeing peoples take on things. Follow me on                                    Pinterest here

Nashville 1/2 Marathon Pres. by Hard Rock Cafe©I'm not even done with my ½ marathon next Sunday and I'm looking online at a ½ marathon they have in Nashville on November 12th....Hello??!!?? What am I thinking?!?!  Well that weekend is usually girls weekend to Nashville for shopping and a night out on the town. So I thought, heck, I could run the ½ which starts 7am Sat morning. Get that done, shower and then shop all day, and then go dance on the at the bar that night. Yea, I'm probably dreaming. My first thought was lets see how next weekend goes and then we will decide but I don't want to wait till the last minute because I want to prepare, and plan.  Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions!! 

The Mother Runner over at Life in the Twin Lane posted last week about becoming a Bone Marrow Donor and how easy the steps are.  After researching this, and talking it over with family I decided to register!  For more information and how to register FREE, go here.

I have a discount code for RoadID.  I ordered the Wrist ID Slim, it's the cheapest one they have but the one I liked the most.  I got it in Black, and then ordered Red and Purple so I could switch it out.  You can entere discount code pcCrowie17 until 11/07/11 to get 10% off at RoadID.com

So what are your thoughts on the blogger etiquette?? Honestly, am I being silly? What do you think of the ½ I'm thinking about maybe registering for?? Should I? Shouldn't I?? Is it to close together??  Oh geez, someone help me!  :)


  1. I think that it's nice to return comments on blogs, but some bloggers just don't. If you don't like that they never return the favor, then I would stop commenting/reading their blog. It's all up to you though!

  2. It's up to you. I've stopped following/reading a few for that same reason.

  3. Go for it!!!! You are going to ROCK Sunday and will be ready for #2!!! I agree with you....I would stop following.

  4. I don't love the comment system on blogger. I wish it was easier to reply to people. Some people don't have their email set up so you can't reply. I usually don't reply back on my comments section because I am not sure if they will come back to see it. It is tough. But if someone follows me I try to follow them (although some people don't have a blog listed on their profile). If someone comments on my blog I try to comment on theirs. I think you just have to decide if you enjoy what they write. If you don't then I would stop following them.

    I think you could do another 1/2 in November. You might be hobbling on the tables instead of dancing on them!

  5. Oh my gosh you HAVE to do this race! I would totally do it if I lived close. I think Nashville is a really cool city. Hard Rock Cafe has delicious fries. What is not to love about this combo? Go for it!!

    If I get comments from people that I don't recognize I immediately check to see if they have a blog. And if they do, I almost always follow them in return. It does feel kind of lame if you always read someone and comment and it's like they don't even know you are alive. I have stopped following some people (not because of this reason only though) or stop commenting and just read. I mean we don't have to comment, but it is always nice when you get them, so I almost always leave comments for others ... it's just nice! :) Okay, and now I wrote an entire book on your comment section. Oops!

    Okay - go register. Do it!! It will be awesome!

  6. Ooh - did you see that medal??? You need it!

  7. I agree with Katie. Sometimes I want to reply to comments people make, but i'm unsure if they will come back to read if I comment on my own! Overall, I think if you enjoy what they say, keep reading! If not, then def stop!:) You kinda stepped on my toes here;) hahaha..i HAVE to work on my blog etiquette!

  8. A half in Nashville?!?!? That would be SO much fun!!! DO IT. I would love to get out and be able to travel to do different races. Maybe during the summer? ;)

  9. Nashville is awesome. I did the Nashville Women's Half in 2010 & it was SO much fun. Last year I did 2 half marathons 2 weeks apart & was fine.

    Blog etiquette - If you like reading the blog then don't worry about it. They may have a good reason why they don't comment...who knows.

    Personally, I have followed folks & left comments on blogs before but they haven't returned the favor. That doesn't bother me because the more folks I follow the harder it is to keep up with it all. So I just figure others have the same problem.

    SO excited for your race this weekend. I wish you the best of luck! Can't wait to read your race report!


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