Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday

Here's me singing!!!
“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Kayla and Momma, Happy Birthday to you!!”

My mom and daughter celebrate the same birthday. Here are some pictures of them last year on their birthday celebration:
Yep, that her sticking her tongue out. How ADORABLE!!!  It's pictures like these though that I can see my weight loss :)

Um, yes that is my mom holding a thong.  There is a story behind this though!!  She wouldn't tell anyone what she wanted so Kayla was bugging her and was asking her random things, do you want this, do you want that?....well one was a thong, a pony, and I can't think of the other one for the life of me.  Mom said well, she asked, and she recieved!

We are not actually celebrating their birthdays together for them together until this coming Sunday (after my race)!! Tonight I'm cooking Chicken and Dumplings (I will post that on Friday Fixin's) which my baby requested, opening presents, and then heading to Alyssa's basketball practice. For their birthdays I let them pick out what they want for dinner, it's just something we have always done.

This week I have got a 3 mile run in and went ahead and done my 2 mile walk. I am wanting to have Friday and Saturday off so I can feel ready for Sunday! I'm still getting butterflies thinking about this run. I'm really excited. I'm also really excited for my babies fun run that she gets to do this Saturday. I plan on taking lots of pictures and hope to share SUCCESS come next week!

Do you all have any birthday rituals?? Any one else running this weekend??


  1. In my family, we just go out to dinner for birthdays usually and eat homemade cake.

  2. Awww happy day!! Take TONS of pics!!!

  3. How fun that they have the same birthday! Enjoy the celebrations!


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