Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm no longer a virgin!!

OMG, I received my first Blogger Award!! Whoot, whoot!!!

Hmmm, let me clear my throat so the speech can begin!

I want to thank Katie @ Will Race forCarbs for taking my virginity (blogger award virginity people, you dirty minded bloggers) and giving me this great award!! It's a pleasure reading her blog, and I feel honored that she thought of me out of all the people she could have gave this reward to!!

Okay, all seriousness, head over and check out Katie's blog if your not already following her, click the link and start following. She won't let you down.

There are a few basic RULES with this award:
You have to thank the giver and provide a link to that persons post – DONE
Share 7 random facts about yourself – Keep on reading, Interesting stuff below, haha
Award 15 other newly discovered blogs the same award

Random Facts:
  • I like to thank of myself as being “physically” tough. I can take pain pretty well. However, I'm not really “emotionally” tough. I tend to wear my feelings on my sleeve, which at times is not a good thing.
  • I have one tattoo, its a band on my left arm. Although I don't mind tattoos at all, sometimes I even think about getting another, but after I got this tattoo I was already regretting it within a few weeks!
  • I have only had 1 “real” job since being out of school. I worked for a Insurance Company for 14 years before resigning and starting my own business from home. Although there are advantages of working from home, there are also disadvantages. Especially with relocating just over a year ago, I feel like I don't get out much in the community except the gym and ball games, and the only REAL friend I have here is a neighbor! I have thought about getting a part time position somewhere to be able to get out and meet people.
  • I have a fear of flying. I have only flown about 5 times, my first time being just about 4 years ago. I literally cried the first time. I just hate the thought of the plane crashing and the whole time its descending knowing what the outcome will be. If my time is coming, I'd rather not know about it!!! I would much rather drive places, but Tom hates the drives so we have to compromise.
  • When I'm driving alone in my car, I think I'm a great singer!!! I rock it out, it comes from the soul :)
  • I was and probably still am a tom boy. I always loved playing outside with the boys, tag, basketball, football. I even played Powder Puff in high school and was the QB.
  • I have 2 brothers and 1 sister who mean everything to me!!! I'm sure we had our share of fights and battles when we were kids but as adults we are all really close. Our ages are kinda spread out. My sister Wendy is the oldest, then me, then my brother Billy, then we have our youngest brother Tyler who is just 12.

Now I get to award 15 other bloggers! WOW, fifteen?? Seriously?!?! That's a lot, I'm not sure I even have 15 people I follow....well I'm sure I do, but 15 is a lot!

So here goes, I just put these in Alphabetical order:
2fivefive – She is a grad student who has lost 100+ pounds
Bluegrass Tri Chick – She's a fellow KY girl who run and cycles, hoping she gets better soon
Chasin Bunnies – She is a cyclist, and a runner
Endurance Isn't Only Physical – Her story was just in Womens Health Magazine 100+ pound loss
Errign's Adventures – She likes to exercise, healthy living, and has lots of food pics
First in Philly – She's a fellow KY girl who's about to run in the MCM this weekend
Get Up and Go – She's a fashionista!
Life according to Ali – She is a sweet college student who just rocked a 10K
Life in the Twin Lane – obviously she is a momma of twins, and a runner
Litte Fruit Fly – She is a runner, who is in tons of races and if you love pics, she's got em
Living the Dream – She is a momma, wife, and a runner
Meals and Miles – She just finished the Augusta Half Ironman....need I say more?
Running off the Reese's – She's a funny marathoner
Sit for your job. Run for your life. - She's a runner
The Athletarian – She is a runner, who I think is super speedy

I didn't go into lots of detail about these girls but, I have enjoyed ready their blogs and the motivation that they provide me. We all have days when we just feel sluggish and it does help to have some encouragement from fellow bloggers!!!

Girl's you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award, now go do something with it!! AKA: Follow the rules.


  1. Love learning all this about you and thanks for the nom!! I'm a tom boy too....who loves pink! :-)

  2. Love learning all those new things! I also think I am a great singer in the car...until my kids tell me I'm hurting their ears. That usually snaps me back to reality!

  3. i love these kinds of posts where we get to know more about our fellow bloggers. and thanks for tagging me. :-)

  4. So fun to get to know you better, Christie!

    P.S. Love your new blog signature. :)

  5. Aww, I'm so flattered that you picked me. Thanks! :)

    I was terrified of flying when I was younger. I almost passed on a free trip to Hawaii because of it -- but I caved. Now I fly about 3 times a year. I still get really nervous though.

  6. HEY!! Thanks for tagging me!! We have a lot in common! I get crazy on planes too! I fly a few times a year and I don't like it, AT ALL!!! I do it but I have to really put on my big girl pants.

    I have one tattoo as well but I love mine. I always knew that I was going to get one some day. I got the logo from my first ever half marathon in Philly, hence my blog name :)

    Thanks for sharing all this stuff!! :)

  7. Very cool! I am flattered you nominated me too! I was a major tom boy when I was a kid! I also have a tattoo.

    What a great way to get exposed to new bloggers!

    BTW - just got cleared by my PT to start a walk / run program - yippee!!!

  8. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You are just so sweet! I'll definitely follow the rules but it's going to have to wait! ;)

    I love all your "facts," too. I think this is going to be the most fun to do.

    Thanks again, you are so awesome!


    P.S. I'm definitely a tomboy at heart.

  9. Great blog! It was good to know more about you and I like finding other blogs that may be of interest to me. Thanks!


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