Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last chance to enter giveaway, and a gym story

Today is the last day to my book giveaway here! It's a funny book that I'm sure you would enjoy.

This morning I hit the gym when I dropped the kids off. I love this time the best, not many people there and it clears up the rest of my day to do the fun things, work, laundry, feed animals, you know, those fun things.

On the schedule today was 6 miles. I finished it in 53:25. I'm happy with that time. If only I can add 7.1 miles to that at the same pace!! Wishful thinking. I was entertained this morning by the to older (and by older I mean probably in their 70's) men next to me. Here's how part of their conversation went:

Old man in blue shirt: I don't know why my # didn't work to let me in. (we have to punch a number for the gym doors to open and let us in)
Old man in the yellow shirt: Well your membership must have been due at the beginning of the month not the 15th.
Old man in blue shirt: You reckin' they would have already canceled me.
Old man in the yellow shirt: It sounds like it.
Old man in blue shirt: Well I have to pay the $135.00 then when he (meaning the owner) gets here for the next six months. (I know, cheap plus about living in a tiny town)
Old man in yellow shirt: It's $150.00 not $135.00.
Old man in blue shirt: I paid $135.00 last time.
Old man in yellow shirt: No you didn't, you would have paid the same as me.

Okay......I will stop with that...but they kept going back in forth. I thought it was kinda funny. How's the old man in the yellow shirt going to tell the other what he paid? They talked about that, about Amanda Knox, and as I was leaving they talked about how sweaty I was....GREAT! I have a soft spot in my heart for senior citizens! :) Here's a lovely pic.  Seriously how is it so hot in the gym when it's 47 degrees outside and he has the windows open in there. Shew.....
Matted hair to head and all.......

Any one listen to other conversations when your working out??


  1. I am notorious for doing this at the gym! I'll pretend that I am listening to music with my headphones in, however I am really listening to an interesting conversation going on somewhere around me :-)

  2. I love overhearing conversations at the gym! They can be pretty funny!

    I made the mistake of wearing a dark grey shirt to the gym one day and it was nothing but armpit sweaty circles when I was done.


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