Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Someone get me outta here!!!

Ok, I have to admit I'm in a slump. Please someone get me outta here!!!  I'm trying to push myself to keep pushing on, to keep going but sometimes I just want to give up and see how I finish if when I cross the finish line in 2 weeks. These are the reasons I think I'm feeling this way and need some help:

  • This is the most I've ran in probably EVER
  • No running partner
  • Same Music
  • No running partner
  • Same route because it's the only half SAFE place to get long runs in around this town
  • No running partner
  • I get bored and time slowly ticks by
  • The scale isn't changing, well it's not going down like I think it should. It keeps going down a little then goes up even more. WTH, come on already. Get this weight off of me.
  • No running partner

So you see how no running partner comes up a few lot of times. It really is bumming me out. I want someone to hit the road with. I'm looking forward to the race for one simple fact that their will actually be people around me. Not just people driving past me.  So here are a few things I am liking:

  • I feel in the best shape ever (even though my breathing wasn't cooperating yesterday)
  • I get to run with PEOPLE, yes actual people, during the half marathon
  • I'm going to have some supporters there (most previous races I show up by myself, oh and go home by myself)
  • My baby is running the Kids Fun Run the day before at the race expo
  • Tom is going to be there to take tons of pictures, share the experience with me, and probably carry me to the car
  • I know I can do this

The race is in 12 days!! I feel like I'm ready, and know I'm going to go out there and give it all I have.

Any suggestions on how to make these last 2 weeks a little easier on me?


  1. Oh I have felt the burn out a couple weeks before the race! Hang in there! I know it is frustrating to not see the scale move but I think this is common when training for a race. Your body needs the fuel. Some plans suggest gaining a few pounds the week of the race just so you have the fuel you need to finish.

    I hope the image of you crossing the finish line keeps you strong these last two weeks!

  2. I am in the same slump you are! I'm running a 10K on Saturday and it is so hard to get my butt going. Breathing is also an issue for me but I just think of it as if I am breathing, I must be okay.

    I sometimes prefer no running partner because then I can run at my own pace!

    Music...I hear ya. I feel like I'm listening to the same music all the time. I have SO much music but when it comes down to it, I feel like I don't want to listen to any of those! I work at a department store so whenever I hear a good song I try to remember it so I can download it. Maybe Google good running songs? Google always comes to my rescue.

    I don't know if you're a member to a gym or not, but I always read my Kindle as I'm running on the treadmill. It passes time so quickly. I realize that I won't have my Kindle on race day, but the fact that it's an actual race and not just running makes it better.

    When I'm running outside I try and switch up my routes all the time. I live in a big city and it really is scary running at dusk sometimes. There are seriously people who yell to me out their car window but I just keep trucking along listening to my music and pretend I don't hear them! I think realistically you'll be safe wherever you run as long as it isn't pitch black out!

    Hope some of this helps. If we lived close together I would say we could run together sometimes! ;)

    Hope you're having a great week!


  3. Ugh...I feel your pain! I moved and lost my running buddy. Try looking for a running group to join. There are different websites that have mom running groups. I found a running group through the local running store. Sometimes they have groups that run from the store.

    No luck...try buying some new songs or switching the order. Also try new routes. I am stuck in my current one and feel as though I'm going to scream!!!

    Hang in there!! You are going to ROCK your race! Push through these last 2 weeks!!! It'll be worth it!

  4. You need to switch up the things that you CAN switch up, like route. That will help!

  5. Why am I just now following your blog? I seriously thought i did that a while back. BLAH, here I am now.

    First of all, your comment on my blog yesterday made me LOL!!!

    Second, i FEEL YOUUUUUUU. I'm in such a running slump.

  6. 12 days!!! EEEE!!! You're going to do amazing!! Maybe for your next long race you'll be able to find someone in your area to train with or do some group training? I am SO grateful that I am not going it alone. Sending positive running energy your way!!!

  7. I need to look and see how far away you are from me! I'm in Lexington. Wish I were closer! We could run together!!

    I'm the same, I have a 4 mile route around my house but it's really hilly and I have to do it by myself and lots of times I dread it. I get on the treadmill in the house just so I can have people milling about around me.

  8. I'm glad you found me and have enoyed reading about you and your journey to health - seems like you are doing an awesome job and reading this post I have to stay GO GIRL! Training for a 1/2 is no joke and be sure to give yourself credit where it is due :) GO GIRL!


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