Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I'm thankful for

You gotta love it when your boyfriend gets you this stuff (ok, he really got me another outfit that looked ridiculous on me so I exchanged it for all this). I <3 Tom!!!!

The whole shabang......

Here is a Champion top and shorts. The picture doesn't show the color that good. These things will blind a person in real life!! Just what I need, because on my run home the other day people acted as if they couldn't see me. If I had stuck my elbow out I believe I would of knocked their window off. Or they would of knocked my elbow off. Either one, you get my point.

I got a Bright Nike jacket, probably won't wear while running but afterwords or just on a taking it easy day. Nike Cold Weather capris. I'm going to need these, like now. Bring back the warmer weather. A pretty green Nike wicking short sleeve shirt and a Nike running hat to go with it.

Super Fuel Belt. I don't have to pray that the car/truck coming down the road is Tom or some random person I don't know who feels sorry for me bringing me some water. Just keep on going, I've got something to drink now!

I found this great buy at TJ Maxx <3 that place. Thought this would be a great fall bag to carry around and it was on clearance. Can't beat that.

Then this lovely baking dish, yep the one that had the “not” so good apple dish in it. I love cute colorful little dishes.

Then last but not least, I filled out and mailed the Louisville Triple Crown of Running. 3 races already on my schedule next year. I now have those added to my upcoming races! YIPEE!!!!
Ohhh, Ohhh, I can't believe I almost forgot.  With that outfit that Tom obviously paid WAY to much for, I also got a ALO brand sportsbra.  It's just a boring white but feels great.  I have it on, so I thought I would spare you the image on that one and was being to lazy to take it off this morning.  See once in my running clothes to get out the door, I don't get outta them or I wont get to the door!

Tell me what you guys are loving lately!!! Any brand you stick to when buying running/workout clothes?  Also do any of you run in just your sports bra like those little skinny biiiitches girls when running??  So jealous! 


  1. Love, love new workout clothes!! Everything looks great! Nope, don't work out in just my sports bra. I do like the tank tops with built in bra. They have much better coverage than just a bra.

    What am I loving lately? Hmmm, well since being injured & can't run I guess I am enjoying Pilates (can't say love since it is first thing in morning & it is a really, really hard class!).

    I am loving Mix 1 protein drink & Larabars! It is my new lunch with a salad. Nummy num nums!

  2. Love the clothes and I LOVE that purse. fricken' adorbs!!!

    I usually stick to underarmour when im buying workout clothes..i don't know why b/c they are ridiculously expensive, but i love the fit!!!

    and no, i don' although...that might be a clever way to get people to leave the gym and get off of the machines i love:)

  3. I love having a hydration belt. I even race in it! Cute stuff!!

  4. CUTE outfits!

    I SO wish I could run in just my sportsbra! It would be so much easier! :) It's my goal for one day...but that day is not today!



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