Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Youth Hunt 2011

WARNING: Don't read any further if you don't believe in hunting!  Come back tomorrow, Thank you!!!!

This past weekend was our Youth Hunt in Kentucky.  I've been raised around hunters all my life.  Growing up my father and brother would go hunting for deer, rabbit, squirrel, what ever was in season and that would be the meat that we would eat.  Usually for deer we would have roast or deer jerky.  My youngest brother (who's just 12 now) has went hunting for the last few years.  Never having any luck seeing that deer come out, but not this year! 

Last Saturday morning the alarm went off at 4:15am...Shew, that's an early wake up call.  We all packed up in the truck and drove over to the farm.  We felt really good about that morning.  Before even getting to the stand we seen 3 deer out in the field as our lights went past.  After climbing in our stand, still pitch black out, we spot lighted the field and seen another set of eyes at the far end.  Still pitch black out, and I look down, and there is a deer not 5 feet away from out stand.  Not able to shoot until day light, not wanting him to miss, and wanting him to feel comfortable, we wait until what seemed like forever for the sun to rise. 

Then we heard it, the deer out in the field.  Tyler was so nervous you could here the shaking in his voice.  He was worried he was going to miss, also worried about how hard the gun would "kick", and excited about this chance to claim his first deer.  As I'm talking him into being calm, take your time, your going to be ok, he shoots.  He was on target and Tyler was able to get his first ever deer and with me by his side!! 

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Tyler with his first deer ~ 2011

Tyler and my little nephew ~ 2011
Unlike some people who kill just for the kill, who kill because they don't want these animals in their fields or crops, we do this for species control and for the meat. It's not any different than going to your grocery store and getting that hamburger from the refrigerated section. The only difference is that you know where this meat comes from and you don't see it happen in front of you.

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  1. Love hunting! Our hunting season doesn't start until the first weekend in November, though. Congrats to your brother on his first deer! That's so exciting! :)



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