Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another killer, but I feel great

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't get pepper sprayed while doing Black Friday shopping!! Yeah, I was one of those that wanted that Wal-Mart Xbox 360 deal for the kids. I didn't get it, but didn't get pepper sprayed like some of the others did. I <3 Black Friday shopping and me and my sister normally get up bright and early and fight the crowds (not literally, most of the time). This year she was out of town so I was so lost without her and slept in! Sniff, Sniff!! I already told her that next year she's not allowed to skip Black Friday shopping :) Thanksgiving was a great time. I always look forward to spending this time with my family and friends!!!

So, I did my 3rd weight training killer workout for the week this morning. I even talked the man to go with me :) I was all smiles about that. It makes it much funner to hit the gym when you have someone with you. Here's what I did today

Lower Body – 3x
A=Front loaded squat – 20 pds – 10 reps
B-Dumbell Reverse Lunge – 10pd weights – 10 reps
C-Step Lunge – 10 reps (doesn't call for any weights)
D-Dumbbell leg curt – 15 pds – 10 reps
E-Fire Hydrant – 10 reps each leg
F-Farmers Walk – 10 pd weights – 12 reps (don't get this workout, didn't really feel anything. Probably won't do it again)
G-Hanging leg raise – 10 reps

Also, didn't realize it till I was writing my workout from Thanksgiving day down and I skipped the D on Lower Body, so I made up for it today and added on the Lying Hamstring Curl. I didn't do the kneeling leg curt for section D because the gym doesn't have this machine. I'm just going to have to alternate these two.

Upper Body - 3x
A-Barbell Bench Press – 20 pd – 10 reps (this is the 2nd time I did this because I can not do the parallel dip)
B-Seated Cable Row – 60 pd – 10 reps
C-Superman – 20 reps (this is the weirdest one I've done, don't really care for it at all)
D-Smith Machine Shoulder Press – 20 pd – 10 reps
E-Reverse Curl – 20 pd – 8 reps
F-Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extension – 10 pd – 10 reps (my arms where noodles by now)
G-Medicine Ball Crunch – not sure pounds – 20 reps (this is 2nd time I done this this week also, but it was because I had already done something just like the Hanging knee twist with the Lower Body)

I'm really looking forward to the end of the 30days, and especially the 90 days. I really believe this workout is going to get me toned. I'm really muscles ache I didn't even know I had :)


  1. Black Friday scares the bejesus out of me!

  2. I'm glad you survived Black Friday, I never go out!

    It looks like that is a great workout, I bet you will be really happy with the results!

  3. Glad you avoided the pepper spray...saw all the news on TV - crazy pants! Sounds like an awesome workout...I totally understand aching muscles...two days later and I'm in so much pain from paddle boarding. Actually, I think it was the side planks while paddle boarding... yikes!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  4. I think my muscles hurt just reading all that stuff. Seriously! You're gonna be toned up soon!

    I didn't venture out on Black Friday. That's crazy about the pepper spray right!? I would only pepper spray someone for the chance to touch Dolvette off of the Biggest Loser.

  5. Looks like a killer workout! Great job!! I LOVE black Friday shopping! Sorry you didn't get your game....but kudos for keeping your eye sight!

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  7. Awesome workout! I need to befriend the weight machines... they intimidate me. eek

  8. Thanks for stopping by, glad we found each other!

    You are very dedicated to fitness, little miss! You have lots of great ideas that I'll have to try out.

  9. I saw the pepper spray news story...completely ridiculous. I always do Black Friday online. Good job keeping up witht he workouts during the holiday week!

  10. Sorry you didn't get the xbox but glad you didn't get trampled or pepper sprayed. I think I would only do Black Friday if I had one of my sisters with me as well. Glad Thanksgiving was good and you are rocking these workouts!

  11. My email is

    Send me the name of that Tri in Louisville. If it doesn't conflict with my Half Iron I'll sign up!

  12. Wow, great workouts! Yes, you are going to look even more amazing when you finish this. Will you keep lifting weights?


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