Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Here it is Wednesday morning and I have the BLAHHHHSSS......

  • I'm still sick
  • Didn't feel up to spin class last night
  • Don't feel like making these business calls, or doing this work I have sitting in front of me
  • Wanting to be back at the gym, hitting weights, and doing cardio
  • I took some pictures of me last night before I start this working out process again (don't like em)
  • I'm not doing either one of the half marathons that I was thinking about doing this weekend
  • My next activity as far as races is not until March, FOUR FLIPPIN MONTHS AWAY

Those are some of the reasons I am feeling blah today.  Mostly the first one up there.  I can't seem to get over this thing.  I think I'm getting better and then it all just hits me again.  So with all of those blahs, I need to think about some positive things to help lift my mood and not get the rest of you down!

  • My youngest is turning 11 this Friday! Geez, that just makes me feel old that may need to be a blah :)
  • I am hanging out with my sister this weekend
  • I will be able to attend my Nephews indoor soccer game.  This is the first year he has played indoor soccer and I'm looking forward to it.
  • I do have 4 events already scheduled for next year.  That's really great for me!
  • I'm looking forward to hitting the weights and getting TONED!!

Now I've got a little smile on my snotty face.  It's hump day, not much longer before the weekend!!!


  1. I have a massive case of the blah's. I have a snotty nose and my face hurts. Even my teeth hurt! Yuck! It's rainy out and temp is dropping. I say we just should have never gotten out of bed this morning !!

  2. Ugh...that is a case of the blahs! I'm sorry that you are still sicky sick! That never feels good! Just think...4 months means lots of time to train and be amazing again!

  3. Your youngest will turn 11 on 11/11/11? That's pretty neat! My birthday is Friday, too.

    That's great you're putting your 2012 schedule together now. I see three of them on your Races tab. It'd be neat to end up at the same race!

    To answer your question about the higher mileage taking a toll on my knees: No, it's not tough on my knees at all. I weigh about 190 right now, and I didn't have any knee pain when I was out there for seven hours Saturday. So many people do experience knee pain, so I appreciate how lucky I am!

  4. i feel you on the blahness. my workouts have SUCKED THIS WEEK. need.motivation. can't focus lol.

  5. I hate the blahs. I blame the time change and the overwhelming appeal to just curl up under blankets and stay warm ... at least that's the deal with my blahness!

    It will pass. Your next race will be here before you know it!

  6. I hate blah days! Hope you feel better soon!


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