Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fixin

This is a delicious dessert and one that would be great for Thanksgiving!!!  So if your trying to impress the in-laws, trying to impress your man, or just want a recipe that I can even do and it turn out delicious, this is it!! 

I got this recipe from AllRecipes. My inner psychic abilities are saying that I think this is a guy names Pauls recipe.  It's Paul's Pumpkin Bars just click on the link....Ok, that was my inner nerd coming out!! 

We always rate stuff around this place, we do the 1-10 scale.  So after my family tried this dessert the verdict was is:

It was 10 Stars across the board!!  I even topped them with a Candy Corn, how listen, if you need to do any of those suck up things that I mentioned above, trust me, this will win you BIG suck up points. 

Here are my pictures from this delicious 10 star dessert:

YUMMY, and so cute!!!!!!!!

Any one have any great dessert recipes you can share for Thanksgiving?? 

Have you entered my giveaway??


  1. Looks great! I use allrecipes a lot, so I'm adding this to my recipe box. Thanks!

  2. Yum! I am really into pumpkin right now. We had pumpkin waffles for breakfast today. Maybe we will have to make these when the kids come home. Thanks...and thanks Paul, whoever you are!

  3. Reading at lunchtime....mouth is watering. Looks yummy!

    I would enter your giveaway but I already have the book :-) I finished your other book last week & need to get a review & giveaway posted for that one soon.

  4. I don't make or partake in many desserts for Thanksgiving so sorry I can't be any more help, but that looks yummy!

  5. Oh yummmm!!! This looks awesome! I make lots of pies for Thanksgiving. I use really basic recipes from the Betty Crocker cookbook but my secret is in the crust. I make it from scratch and it is amazing....if I do say so myself!!

  6. I love pumpkin bars!!! The candy corn is super cute too. :) and I love the "suck up points." Haha!


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