Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like.......

Uhhh depends on where we at home, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!
Xmas 2011 <3

Yep, the Christmas tree is up, some of the presents are even wrapped, and the entrance to our drive is decorated!  I love the holidays.  It always puts me in a great mood.

Now, if your looking at me after my 10 mile stationary bike ride at the gym would probably want to buy me some deodorant for Christmas!!
My Secret done told on me! :)  lame, I know

It was like a sauna in there today!!  I completed the 10 miles in just under 29 minutes.  Not bad for a newbie. 
I didn't like that it shows I only burned 143 calories?!!?  I mean come on, obviously biking will not be the cardio of my choice to loose weight. 

Do you think the calories burned are accurant on the bike, ellipitical, and treadmill when you enter your weight?
Anyone as excited about Christmas as I am??


  1. I am so in love with Christmas!!! So is my hubby...that's why I married him...kind of! I love the way you decorated your fireplace!! I don't usually take what the machine says as gospel. I used to use and need to get back to using a heart rate monitor. This gave me a better idea of exactly what I was burning!

  2. I don't think that they are completely accurate unless you hold onto the heart rate monitor (if the machines you use even have that) and even then it is probably not quite 100%.

    I always feel like I never burn any calories on the bike! I guess I will find out tomorrow in my indoor cycling class how many calories I should be burning.

  3. I think those numbers aren't very close to being accurate. I always just look at them and figure that they're off by about 100 calories or so. Maybe I'm just a skeptic :) ??

    Love the picture of your tree and the mantle! Looks so pretty lit up!

  4. Your house looks fantastic decorated!
    10 miles in under 29 minutes = awesomeness!

  5. Can you come over and help me finish decorating? It looks great! I don't trust the numbers at all. I like to use my heart rate monitor for a better gauge of calories burned.

  6. Your Christmas stuff looks great! I definitely wouldn't trust the calories-burned number on an exercise machine.

  7. Wow!! Your place looks so festive! I definitely wouldn't trust the calories burned either, it's just an average! There are so many things it doesn't take into account so I wouldn't look at it too seriously!! SO excited for Christmas!

  8. I love Christmas too! I got on the bike for the first time in ages and was really disappointed in the calories it said I burned, because I felt like I had done so much more.

  9. Your Christmas set up just looks so perfect! Like a Norman Rockwell picture or a Disney store window on Main Street. I love it!


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