Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Before Weight Training Pictures

Ok, so this is probably the MOST embarrassing post that I will put up of myself. My “before” pictures are pretty embarrassing, but these, they are really embarrassing. Even though I've came along way in my weight loss struggles I still have a lot of toning to do along with a little more weight lose to accomplish.

Since I started this workout program yesterday, and I would love to have this:
to help me use the restroom today, I wanted to take some pictures. I had Tom take three shots of me this morning, pre-shower, pre-makeup, and right before I jumped in the hot tub to get some kind of muscle relief!  Don't judge, I know that I have alot of work to do, I will get there.  I could of sucked it all in and looked a little better, just a little though! 

What I want:
Pic 1, well basically the abs have got to be found somewhere in there! 
Pic 2, belly smaller, butt lifted!!
Pic 3, butt lifted, love handles to disappear!!!

My Measurements/Weight:
126.4 pounds
Hips 36 1/2 inches
Chest 36 inches
Calf (flexed) 13 1/4 inches
Biceps (flexed) 11 inches
Thigh 21 inches
Waist (at belly button) 29 1/2

So there, I've done it, I've posted these pictures, now I want to go hide of embarrassment. It really is the only way for me to hold myself accountable, to document how far I'm going to go, and for me to be happy with how far I'm going to go!!!  Luckily, I don't have any men that check out my blog!  :)

I have committed to this workout for 90 days.  Every 30 days I'm going to take progress pictures.  I'm not sure if I'm going to post them every 30 days or wait until the end of the 90 days...hmmm...I will have to think about that one. 

Today I meet with Debbie (the swim coach) and I'm going to learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques I can from her.  I'm really excited about this!!  I will make sure I let you all know how it goes.  I am planning on hitting the gym tomorrow and doing the 2nd day of the workout.  I hope that I won't need that toilet at the end of the week!! 

Now, I'm off to make pumpkin bars for two places we are going to, and some hashbrown casserole.  YUMMY!!!  Remember the pumpkin bars??  Delicious....

Does anyone else need to see their progress to feel like they are doing something??

Should I post progress pic's every 30 days or wait until the end of the 90 days??

What are you making for Turkey Day??


  1. Do you swim normally as part of a workout?? It's my favorite way to tone my arms and my stomach. I swim about 50 laps when I swim and it takes about 3 weeks and I get some seriously strong pectoral muscles along with two tickets to the gun show. Lots of pulling with the arms and you'll notice. Obviously you use your core muscles to keep you afloat so I got a soft pair of six pack abs but since I've had three kids you can only see the top two of the pack :)

  2. I have to say your looking pretty good now! I have never done progress photos but I have been avoiding them. More into changing my lifestyle then looking good...even though the looking good is an awesome side effect to the changed lifestyle!

    I am making green bean casserole for turkey day as apart of a pot luck...second attemot at it, hope it works out!

  3. Thank you so much for sending me the PDF's!! I am hoping to get started on that too, but not posting pics in a biki or even a one piece. It has been awhile since I needed help to sit down to pee, which means I need to be doing more (although it is a little tough right now). Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I really don't think you look bad now! That said you will definitely look AMAZING when you are all toned.

    I need to start weight lifting again. And I agree about swimming, that's when I felt the most in shape.

  5. LOL I am going to need one of those toilet contraptions tomorrow! My trainer killed me today.
    I think you look great now - but yes, you'll look even better with a bit more work. I still need to post my pictures. Maybe tomorrow - before Thanksgiving dinner!!
    Enjoy your holiday. :)

  6. You look freaking awesome now, so you'll be off the charts after 90 days of your new workouts! I vote for pictures every 30 days.

  7. Okay you look awesome!! I can't wait to see your transformation! Definitely post progress pictures. I think it will show people that commitment WORKS and you will definitely motivate and inspire others! I'm always scared to take before pictures! I was thinking of starting Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer but I feel like December is going to be so hard to stick with the diet plan!! I am really considering it but it might have to wait until January!

    No Thanksgiving in Canada today! Boo. Enjoy your holiday!!

  8. Woman. I want the body you have NOW! you look great already but good for you for being proactive and going for it even more! I'm starting something on Monday. :)

  9. One reason for this is that they are so easy to use. Another reason for the popularity of abdominal exercise machines is that they can be used by almost anyone.

  10. You look great now so I'm sure you'll be even hotter in 90 days! :-) I vote for after pics at 90 days only... I am sore just like you today...I paddle boarded alot yesterday - wowsers, I can barely move today!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  11. You posted pictures of yourself in a bikini on the internet. WOW I am bowing down to your awesomeness and you are so going to hit your toning goals. Once you do... these photos will be a distant memory.

  12. Girl... you look AMAZING... Right now. I'd kill for that tushy. :)

  13. You look ridiculously cute!! I'm so jealous! ;) Seriously you have NO reason to feel embarrassed AT ALL!! -- And my caps obviously show just how serious I am!


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