Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our weekend recap....

I thought I would break down how my weekend leading up for Sunday's big race went. 

Friday night we decided to go ahead and make the drive to Louisville. So after Alyssa's first game last night, we packed up and hit the road!

We stayed at my dad's house.....see he's out of town and what do you do in your parents house when they are out of town?? P-A-R-T-Y!!! No, no, I was never that kid, now my sister on the other hand. Yep mom and dad, true story...Wendy was the party thrower, not me. I know hard to believe, your Miss DO NO WRONG Wendy!! BUSTED!

This was me and Tom's idea of a party!! We were beat and just wanted to chill.  Saturday Alyssa had her kids fun run which was at the race expo....but before we headed there, we had one thing to do!
 Got us some grub......

Then we decided, with our bellies full we needed to head on down to here:
Louisville Slugger Field...
 Alyssa before her Kids Fun Run!!
 Alyssa crossing the finish line...
Me and Alyssa after her race, I'm so proud of her....

Alyssa came in 2nd in her age group which they did was 8 and older.  A boy came in 1st!!  She will get that boy next time!  ;)  After Alyssa's fun run we headed over and got my race packet. I was a little disappointed in this packet, it didn't have any goodies in it.  The shirt I do like, and it looks like good quality.

My bib # and name posted for the 1/2 Marathon participates, and me posing with my bib and shirt....

After the expo we were to meet my mom and her boyfriend over at Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, IN for some gambling fun!!! 

Then out for dinner, I had a Bud Light, some smoothered chicken, a loaded baked potato, and ummmm.....a half two rolls.  DELICIOUS!!!

With Sunday morning being race day after dinner we headed to my dads and was in bed early.  I knew I had to put my game face on so I rolled up my sleeves and decided I was ready to do this!!!

You know from my Big Hit 1/2 Marathon race recap here, that I was super excited with my time.  I wanted to give this race all I had and I think I did just that!!!

We had an awesome weekend and I think I seriously have the racing bug!!  Thanks again for all of your support and encouraging words during this training period!!  Hopefully it's all the beginning for me!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! They have the best rolls there...go ahead and eat em! Way to go to your daughter...second place!!

  2. sounds like a really fun weekend! Loved the pics.

  3. I'm gonna have you pace me to a new Half Marathon PR one of these days! I love rolls at those roadhouse places!! They slime them up with honey butter and whatever else! Sooooo good!

  4. Ooh sounds like lots of fun and your dinner at Texas Roadhouse sounds amazing! I have yet to eat there, but I really want to!

    Congrats again on your time! That's really so, so awesome.


  5. Congrats to your daughter! You must be so proud! I love that you guys gambled before! That sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  6. I had to laugh at you telling on your sister. It's great that your daughter had a race too. I love Texas Roadhouse. There isn't one close to me, so whenever I travel and come across one I always stop. Your last pic is awesome...I'm adding it to my motivation post!


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