Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recap of my first swimming attempt.

Ok, here's a little confession.  I NEVER imagined how tough swimming was going to be when I hit "ENTER" and registered for my first TRI.  I thought I knew how to swim, have done it my whole life, but apparently all I have done was stay afloat! 
Scary, so scary

Yesterday evening I meet Debbie and jumping in the pool to be taught how to swim for the first time.  Debbie taught me how to swim freestyle, and how to do the breast stroke.  It's going to take some time for me to get used to this and defiantly going to take some time for me to work up to the Olympic distance for July.  I used paddles that she let me borrow.  She had me do a few laps with them, and then a few laps without them.  I ended up staying in the water for 40 minutes.  I am questioning what I got myself into, I'm still unsure about it.  I'm going to keep on working because my warped little mind secretly wants this shirt:

Threesome anyone, anyone????

I'm trying to get Julie over at First in Philly to do this threesome with me....haha, (couldn't resist).  The TRI, I don't know her good enough yet!!  I hope she's going to be able to register for this race with me.  I would be super excited!  Anyone else that's up for this TRI, click here for more information and get registered!!  Lets do this together! 

Another thing, I hit the gym this morning and did that Killer Workout again, and it's killing me!  I told you before, and will say it again, I'm so much more weaker with my upper body then my lower body.  I'm keeping on with it though.  No question, I'm going to see results with this workout. I won't bore you with the line up I decided to do again!  :)

What's on your race/competition schedule coming up?  Wouldn't this be a good one to add?


  1. I have to say getting into swimming was one of the toughest things I ever did. The first time I went swimming I thought I was just going to jump in the pool and swim for a half hour straight....how I was so terribly wrong! I barely made it one length...

    It has been a year since and I have been able to teach myself how to breast stroke and freestyle. I am now respectable in the pool, but still have older, bigger guys swimming faster then me!

    The moral of my ramble is...it will take time...lots of time. But the pay off is amazing, your upper body strengthens and your abs start developing more detail! Its a great stress release...I wish you luck!

  2. It is really too bad we live so far apart. We would be the best work out buddies! People always look shocked when I tell them I don't know HOW to swim. I tell them that obviously I haven't died, and I stay afloat, but I have NO form. I cannot even put my head under water without plugging my nose. If I do go under, it is on accident and then I have to freak out and gather myself. That is awesome that you have someone helping you out! I'm trying to get courage to sign up for a legit swimming lesson at the YMCA, but so far I haven't done it.

  3. The swimming would be my struggle too but hang in there!! The shirt is so worth it!!!

    Up this month for me is a Santa race!! Then training for my 20 miler in February!

  4. I love that your post title is recap of first swimming attempt :P lol it sounds so awesome! I am in 100% agreement /w you. I do swim but I haven't swam in an athletic sense in a long time, we have a pool right next to us too...maybe I'll sign up.

    I HATE the butterfly or freestyle. I just can't do it. breast stroke is my fav, I also like front crawl and back :D good luck /w your threesome ;)

  5. That's a fantastic shirt! My upper body is extremely weak too.

  6. That shirt is awesome!!! What are the distances on each of the parts of the race? I KNOW you can do it...you'll do amazing. And...if I lived closer I would seriously think about doing it with you!

  7. A lot of folks find swimming to be a challenge. stick with it and you will see improvement.

    I am trying to get myself motivated to make December a swim focused month for myself

  8. I can't wait to get back in the pool! Just stick with it you will get better.

    I'm the most worried about biking, wish me luck!

  9. I'm not really a racer or competitive, but I'd like to do a half in the spring.

  10. Stick with it and practice a lot! You will get there if you put the work in I promise!!! I feel like if I can do it anyone can. Wish I was closer and could do the race with ya!

  11. I checked out that website! I think I'm gonna sign up! It's better to have someone for moral support! I think everything better is with a friend!

    Keep with the swimming! It literally takes a month or two of swimming 3 days a week to get the hang of it! Now, once you get the hang of it you'll need to get a toy called the Swimp3 player! Google it! You can listen to music while swimming! It's the highest form of spoiled behavior! HAHAHAHAHA!

    I LOVE that t-shirt! It fits my personality perfect!! Shoot me an email at cmartinez@hiddenbrookfarmky.com. Maybe we could meet up for a swim!?

  12. Yay! You will be swimming like a pro in no time! Keep up the great work! I may sign up for that race but will wait until next spring. I need to get over my fear of river swimming!!


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