Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend recap

Ok, so I want to give you all a recap of my weekend.  It consisted of NO exercise but LOADS of fun with my sister who I MISS so much since I now live 2 hours away!!! 

Friday afternoon I signed the kiddos out of school early.  I had to haul a big wagon loaded with gates up to my dad and didn't want to get stuck in the dark hauling these things, especially with the kiddos.  I don't see good at dark and since we lose an hour (cause we are slow time, and they are on fast time), plus it gets dark so freakin' early these days I thought this was for the best!  We can get these gates at more than half the cost that he can get them in Louisville and its from the same place that sells to Tractor Supply. 
Truck load of gates

Before we hit the road, we pulled into Sonic to have one of their Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes!!  It was Alyssa's birthday and all, I had to treat myself the birthday girl! Yummy, this is HEAVEN!!!

Me posing with my Pumpkin Pie Shake

Our drive went great, we dropped off the wagon, the kiddos had to go to their daddy's, and me and Wendy decided to do a little shopping.  We went to Kohl's, Sally's, and then decided we needed to get our grub on!  We hit ElNopal, it's a wonderful Mexican restaurant in town and they have strong delicious margaritas!!!  Here's some Proof....

Wendy with lovely hat, and one of their delicious Margaritas

After the Margarita's we stopped at Lowe's to get some spray paint for a Pinterest Project and then headed to her house.  We decided to scratch the project and just looked at Pinterest all night until we went to bed at 9:30.  Sad right, no kids, no boyfriends, it was a Friday night and we hit the bed early.  We had a big shopping day planned for Saturday so we needed our rest.

Saturday morning we got up early, showered, hit McD's drive thru and went to my nephew Colin's indoor soccer game.  He's awesome at soccer and has played for years but this was his first season for indoor soccer.  They didn't win, but they all played a great game.

Colin's indoor soccer game

The rest of our day was Shopping till we dropped.  We hit the mall, Target which I <3, and then decided to go Thrift shopping.  We decided to play dress up at a few places, then decided to see about doing a Wedding on a budget.....Here's what we came up with!

You gotta love these budget wedding pictures.  Not sure what even made us decide to do this, it wasn't even drunkin' shopping!  We found the wedding dress, the brides maid dress, and even the flowers, that included the flower pot all at the Goodwill.....Unfortunately, we were to excited to check out the prices so we can't really tell you what budget this wedding would be great for!  haha....sorry guys!

Oh, and one more picture.....if I didn't burn up and need the fan on every night, these PJ's would be mine!

After our WHOLE day of shopping we decided on Outback for dinner.  It was a great way to end our day.

Do any of you play dress up?  What's your favorite place to shop?


  1. You are SO prettyyyy!

    Margarita = <3

    I work at Kohl's...not fun except for my co-workers.

    Your dress up pictures are hilarious! :)


  2. So many great things in this post!

  3. What a fun shopping trip! That reminded me of a story from 9th grade. I have writer's block these days, so maybe that will be my blog for the day!

    That margarita sounds pretty tasty, and it is only 9:50am over here!

    My favorite place to shop these days is Dick's Sporting Goods. I cannot go in without buying at least one new article of clothing for my running wardrobe. Probably a good thing we don't even have one in my town. I'd be broke!

  4. I agree! You are soooooooooooo pretty! I know I've told you you look good before but this is a new refreshed you :) You look soooooooo GREAT!

  5. hahaha! This made my day! So something I would do with my girlfriends and the fact that you got it all photographed and posted makes it even better!

  6. That sounds like a great weekend. I love those pajamas so much! I would totally wear them! I think it is pretty cool that you guys played dress up. I never thought about looking for my wedding dress at good will. What was I thinking paying retail price?!

  7. These pics are great! I live close to 2 hrs away from my sister too. It looks like you all had so much fun and I smiled all the way through this post.


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