Thursday, December 1, 2011

December, really??

I can't believe it's December already! Normally the WHOLE month of December is a extremely busy month for work. This year Medicare changed their enrollment period and it will end December 7th so that means my craziness ends in 7 more days!! Halluluah!!

I love December for a lot of reasons:
Free Breakfast at the kids school. This means if we are in a hurry in the mornings, they don't have to grab a pop-tart. They can get a FREE hot breakfast at school. They normally don't eat breakfast at school because, well, it's to dang expensive. ChaChing $$$$
I also found out, by asking a million questions at swim the other day that the month of December is FREE there also! No more paying $3.00 per person. Double ChaChing $$$$

FREE swim....

I love all the Christmas decorations. I love all the presents. I love gifting. Celebrate!!
Had to share this again, LOVE it!!
I love the Xmas parties we are going to go to. I love getting together with my BFF, Sarah and celebrating Xmas. I love spending time with my wonderful family. Double Celebrate!!

My Xmas gifts from my BFF, Sarah last Xmas

I also love the new recipes that I get to try around the Holidays.....more on that tomorrow! YUMMY!!

I'm also looking forward to my 30 day progress pictures of this workout I'm doing. I need to work on my eating if I'm going to see some results. Working out – Stuffing your face = No change. I'm working on it. This girl loves to eat! Double Yummy!! **hopefully I will look Yummy ;) 

I also went to the gym this morning!!  Go me!!  I did day of weights.  I'm really liking it and hope the work is worth it.



  1. Wow looks like a great start of the month for you!

  2. My stress ends next Wednesday! Classes ended for me today and I have 3 finals next week and I am donezo! :)

    LOVE Christmas.

  3. free stuff and Christmas parties...can't beat it!


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