Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Does this happen to anyone

Else or is it just me??

Why is it when I tell someone I'm training for an Olympic Tri that some people reply with:

how are you going to do that?”
that will probably be your first and last”
are you crazy”

The crazy one, I can deal with, I sometimes ask myself that same thing. The thing is, two years ago if you asked me if I would be training for this I probably would of said, you are crazy. I have changed my lifestyle, I'm going to the gym, I'm trying to be fit, and I'm hoping to motivate people along the way.

Why can't people be happy for you? How come they can't reply like I have to others bloggers with:

“you can do it girl”

that's awesome”
I'm so proud of you”

My sister, Wendy, just started back running again and we text, or talk, or sometimes both everyday and our comments to each other are always upbeat, motivating to each other, pushing each other. Everyone needs someone like my sister in their life to help them through. It's so easy to give up when you feel like you can't do it. I LOVE YOU SISTER!!! :)

The purpose of this post today is to tell anyone who may be doubting themselves or hear these hateful comments coming out of those ugly peoples mouths, You Can Do It!! Trust me, I weighed 200 lbs at my heaviest, when I started running I couldn't even run a tenth of a mile. It's true, the trail I would run was marked at every tenth of a mile. I couldn't even run the first tenth, and I just completed my first half marathon and did it sub 2 hours. You can do anything you make a commitment and follow through with. So to all you haters out there, your comments just push us to do even better, to try even harder, and to finish even faster!! THANKS!!!!

And on a even more positive note, you know that UK game that me and my man went to this weekend. We made it BIG! I mean, BIG time. Apparently we don't just go to watch the UK game, we like to make out to!!

This is posted on the Kentucky Sports Radio website......Love it!! 

So does this happen to anyone? 
How do you reply besides saying kiss my a*s??


  1. Ha! You're famous in the sports world now ... for your kissing skills!

    I'm with you on this whole negative thing. Here we are trying to push ourselves and improve, and then naysayers come along trying to tell us we can't or we are dumb for trying. I figure they are just envious of the skill and dedication it takes? Who knows, that's what I tell myself. But it sure does get annoying. After a couple half marathons I heard a lot of, "so what, you already did that. Why don't you do a full?" I keep thinking, "why don't you try to run A mile and then we'll talk."

    I'm sooooo thankful for the blogging world and all the support we give each other. At least we all understand, and we all know that we CAN do it!!

  2. Love this post!! I am told mroe often than not that I "can't" do it or that I can't make my goal time, etc. Screw those people!

    I absolutely adore that picture! :)

  3. Way to go kissy face!

    You mean you can't tell someone to kiss it?! I would challenge them to join you! That should stop them in their tracks! I feel like people don't know what to say so what comes out is their own feelings towards things.

  4. I get that too..from some of my of my mommy friends. Being that I just gave birth in February and am running my first marathon since having kids, when I first started training, I would get negative responses like, "Good luck finding the time to do it." Now that they are realizing I'm not quitting, they say, "Good luck finding the time to keep it up when you go back to work." I am determined to prove them wrong. My marathon is this Sunday! Keep up the good work!

  5. I get those types of comments sometimes, I mean come on the name of my blog says Ironman in it, of course I'm going to get those comments! I just ignore people if they are serious. Most of the time people who say it to me are joking and I know that they will support me in anything that I do.

    If they don't support you, you don't need them!

  6. are you CrAzY?!?!?

    Ooops. I mean. You CAN do it!! :-)

  7. First of all, you can do it and you will be awesome. I find a lot of people think I am crazy, but that is just because they haven't done it before. I think once you accomplish one of these races you realize that anyone can do it if they train for it. Then those comments like "I could never do that" really bug me because these people haven't even tried. Keep your chin up and prove them wrong Christie!

  8. I think for some people they can't be happy for you because they aren't happy with themselves. At this point I'm not telling anyone what I'm planning to do so I haven't really had to deal with anything like that...

    Awesome picture!!!! That's so cool.


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