Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Progress Pictures

Today is day 30 of the killer weight training workout I have been doing.  You can find the workout here.  I'm committed to doing this workout for 90 days and seeing the progress that I make.  I know that I'm getting stronger, here is the workout I did yesterday:

Upper Body x3:
A-dumbbell incline press - 15lb dumbbells x 10
B-lat pulldown - 70lbs x 10
C-good morning - 30lbs x 8
D-seated barbell military press - 20lbs x 8
E-dumbbell hammer curl - 15lb dumbbells x 10
F-single-arm overhead dumbbell extension - 15lbs x 10
G-medicine ball crunch - 8lb x 25

Lower Body x3:
A-dumbbell squat - 15lb dumbbells x 10
B-leg press - 90lbs x 10
C-dumbbell front lunge - 15lb dumbbells x 10
D-lying hamstring curl - 50lbs x 8
E-fire hydrant - x 25
F-seated calf raise - 55lbs x 12
G-crunch - x 30

After my weight training I drink a Whey Protien drink.  I mix the Vanilla flavored powder with some sugar free kool-aid and it tastes delicious!!

Here are my 30day measurements/weight:

Measurements 11/23/11 12/21/11
Weight 126.4 124.8
Hips 36 ½ 35 ¾
Chest 36 35
Calf (flexed) 13 ¼ 13 ½
Biceps (flexed) 11 11 ¼
Thigh 21 22
Waist (at belly button) 29 ½ 28 ½

I'm actually happy and satisfied with my results except for the inch I lost in my chest??  Come on, that's where I want to keep it at! I would of liked that extra inch lost on my waist. 

Here are my progress pics:
Don't look at the toenail polish please....Toe is still black and blue so I haven't done anything with the others!
front view - still waiting so some abs - come out, come out, where ever you are!!!

Side view - stretch marks and all

Back view

There you have it.....30 day results, another 60 days to go!!  I missed one workout in the 30 days BUT was able to make it up.  So I actually missed 0.  I really enjoy the weight training and hope the results keep coming!


  1. HOLY HOT!! Christie you look awesome!!! I WILL be starting this weight training and hope I can look as good as you! :)

  2. Well if you didn't have any boy followers before you are sure to get them now. You are a hottie! Keep up the great work!

  3. Whoa girl! You look good! I've had two 10 lb boys so my stomach could use a little lovin' :) You look great!!!

  4. OMG you look amazing.....and it's only 30 days in! I need to weight train. lol.

  5. Great job! Keep it up!

    Isn't it annoying that we can't pick where we lost inches/fat? Oh well, at least you look great!

  6. Hottie with a body! You look great, mama!

  7. I'd say you are doing freaking fabulous!!


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