Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just some randomness that's be in my world lately

I've been researching the Borders TRI and last year 1st place in my age division finished in 2:41:21.

Swim – 27:11, Bike – 1:18:51, Run – 51:54. So now I have some kind of time to go by. I didn't have any clue what to expect. I may or may not have wrote down these #'s and have it posted on my desk to look at everyday. By may not, I mean, I did!!

I cooked a delicious tasting pulled pork meal in the crockpot. I will share it tomorrow.....Easy to do, east to clean up, especially when you serve it on paper plates! :)

I'm ALMOST done Xmas shopping!! I just have a few more things to get. I've wrapped about ¾ of the stuff already. Can't have snoopers snooping around looking at gifts.......Tom!

I took off from exercising and weights Tuesday and Wednesday but was back at it this morning. I did both Upper and Lower body weight training. I felt really good and feel like I worked hard after leaving there. I'm still on track for the week.

I got me a new blogger friend, she's trying to use peer pressure and get me to race in 20degree weather this Saturday morning....I think I'm going to do it. I give in to easy! :)

My back is sore from bending over wrapping, wrapping, and wrapping more presents!!

What have you all been up to??
Anyone done buying for Christmas yet?


  1. I love that you looked at the time of the first place finisher!! I always make myself look at the last so I know what I have to beat HAHAHAHA!! Sad right? :)

  2. You should definitely race! My husband and I are running in a race on Saturday and it will probably be around 20 degrees when we start running at 4:30pm!

  3. I do what Coy Martinez said...i check last place.

  4. Just about done with Christmas shopping :) Can't wait for the pork recipe!

  5. I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. Is that bad?? GO race in 20 degree weather. It isn't that bad!

  6. Ooh blogger peer pressure is how it all starts! Watch out! ;)

    I haven't even bought a single gift for anyone, unless you count buying myself Hangover 2 last night?!?

  7. Like others, I also look for the last place time lol!


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