Monday, December 5, 2011

Short and Sweet

Gotta keep this short and sweet.  I have been extremely busy and have alot of blog catching up to do.  I also can't wait to read everyone's recap of the LasVegas Marathon!  Yep, I'm still jealous!  Maybe next year I will be there running and of course drinking with everyone. 

I had a great weekend.  Went to the UK ballgame Saturday, it was a packed house.  They had the biggest crowd in history there.  UK took the win so we celebrated by going to Outback to eat.  We did some shopping at Hobby Lobby (LOVE) and then heading home for a night alone. 

I'm still right on schedule with my workouts!  I even got the man to go again with me yesterday.  I love having someone there with me at the gym.  It seems like my workout goes by alot quicker. 

I hope to get caught up on everyones blogs by tomorrow evening.  Today is going to be a busy one for me!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!!


  1. I'm totally behind today too!!! I am presenting to my district today and of course waited until the last second!!!

    Good luck catching up!

  2. way to keep up with your workouts! woot!

  3. Hope you had a great weekend too! I had my man with me at the gym yesterday too! They make the best workout partners :)

  4. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  5. My husband was so mad about the Tarheels!

    Keep up the good work on all of your workouts!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend. I am always behind in blog reading. It seems like I just can't ever keep up!!

  7. Dammit! I just made a comment on a post of yours about blogger peer pressure. Then I come here and see you say maybe you'll do Vegas next year and it is like I forgot about the disaster of this Sunday and temporarily told myself, "Ooh, I'll do it too then!" Peer Pressure!!


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